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New York Home Income Opportunities

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Before you sign another Rent Check! 

Landlords are getting rich while renters like you are wasting their hard earned dollars Every Month!

Woodstock Rent To Own - You Pick the Homeã - may be able to help you qualify for a home of your very own!

Until recently, approximately 70% of all Americans could not qualify for a home mortgage. They were locked out of the American Dream of home ownership.

Now You may be able to get the Dream Home you've always wanted!


Woodstock Rent To Own - You Pick the Homeã specializes in finding beautiful homes in great neighborhoods for people that have specific challenges that may have prevented them from purchasing a home in the past, or who have never purchased a home before.

We can help get you into a home of your own faster than you may have thought possible through our unique and motivated program.  After you complete a short form, then we go to work to find you a home.


Have any of these reasons prevented you from getting a home?

     Previous or Current Bad Credit
     Don't Think You Can Make Monthly Payments
     Too Much Debt
     Never Purchased A Home Before
     Recent Job Change
     Recent Divorce Or Change In Family Situation

Here's How It Works...
The real estate boom of the last few years fizzled out almost a year ago.  Lenders are more motivated than ever to grant mortgages to those who they would have normally turned down in the past. 

This, combined with the fact that more houses than ever before are available in the greater Atlanta area and they've been sitting on the market for six to twelve months or more.  Developers, builders and real estate investors had plenty of inventory on-hand when the red-hot real estate market suddenly fizzled out.  They've been stuck paying interest on those properties for around a year and there simply aren't many people looking to purchase homes in the Atlanta area these days.  We use this to Your advantage.

The owners of these homes are going broke paying interest on these empty properties and they're desperate to move them.  That's where we come in!

Woodstock Rent To Own - You Pick the Homeã has access to over 100,000 properties in the greater Atlanta area and we work with over a dozen motivated lenders to get you into these homes right away. 

Many of these properties have already been reduced so much, that you could be purchasing a home that already has tens of thousands of dollars in equity. 

Isn't it time you stopped losing all the money you've been paying in rent and started converting those dollars into equity in your own home? 

Home ownership could be only a phone call away!




We offer an excellent work from home - home based income opportunity in the follow areas in New York....


New York Rent To Own - You Pick the Home  -  Unique Atlanta real estate / mortgage company thrives in local markets across the U.S.  Atlanta based Rent To Own - You Pick the Home recently expanded their unique brand of real estate sales into the Gwinnett area. 

Upon the real estate boom of recent years turning into a real estate "bomb," it became evident that many real estate investors have been stuck holding a great deal of inventory with nobody to sell it to.  At about the same time, interest rates began to rise and the home lending market began to dry up.

One local team of realtors and mortgage brokers immediately recognized the demand for creative ways to thrive in what seemed to be a shrinking market and went fast to work.  

New York Rent To Own - You Pick the Home has been successful not only in satisfying real estate investors looking to liquidate their inventory, but they've been able to place families in homes who previously believed their only option was to rent.

And now, their successful approach to selling real estate finds them expanding into Gwinnett County.  Families in Gwinnett who think that they couldn't possibly qualify for a home loan may want to think again.  According to the folks at Woodstock Rent To Own - You Pick the Home, there are over 100,000 homes for sale in the greater Atlanta area and many of them have been sitting on the market for months, if not for more than a year.  Their owners have reduced their asking prices more than once and are highly motivated to sell.

Each month, thousands of Gwinnett families pay rent and many of them could have very well been paying a mortgage instead - turning their payments into equity in their homes. 

There's only one way to find out if your family qualifies for these highly motivated local sellers....

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AmeriCam ATLANTA - For The Most Advanced Vehicle Video Solutions Available Today! (770) 831-6795

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