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Buford Gold Broker Soon To Close - Consumers Urged To CASH-IN On Their Extremely High PayOuts Before It's Too Late

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BUFORD - Greater Atlanta's Favorite Cash for Gold Broker -  famous for paying far more than any other gold buyer, will soon close their doors. 

After 5 years of doing all they could to make sure local consumers received fair market value when selling their gold and jewelry - Gwinnett Gold Brokers is closing up shop for good. 

The company is not giving up or even giving in.  The Greater Atlanta gold and jewelry market has simply reached its natural depletion point that has been forecast all along.  It's simply time for the company to move onto more emerging markets.

Just over five years ago in 2008, when yet another economic downturn began tearing into American households, American families had very little left to fall back upon.  This time, they had to consider liquidating what they had hoped they would pass on to future generations.  In many cases, it simply had never crossed their minds that they would have to sell their family heirlooms, keepsakes and antique jewelry of their ancestors.  But the time had come for individuals and heads of household to sell the valuables that seemed to be part of the very core of their families.

A great deal of money was needed immediately to keep the households going, so it was off to the shops of those who advertised they pay "Top Dollar."  Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse when they suddenly realized that these small stores all seemed to share the same goal - to pay people only 20 to 40 percent of fair market value.  Another thing these stores had in common was that they were almost all very bad at convincing people that their valuables were not very valuable at all.  They often ranged from simply embarrassing to openly insulting.

That's when one family based business in Gwinnett felt something had to be done and they were the ones to do it.  This family had earned a decent living in the Greater Atlanta area for 20 years - and it was time for them to start paying back.  Gwinnett Gold Brokers opened their doors.  

Contact for more information at (770) 831-6795.

Overnight, desperate families began receiving 80 to 85% of fair market value for their jewelry and precious metals instead of the 20% to 40% the "We Buy Gold" stores were paying.  For the next 5 years, families who were forced to sell their most treasured possessions were returning home with enough money to take care of the things they needed to and still had money left over.  A good portion of GGB's customers left with tears in their eyes and a warm sigh of relief.  Many even hugged the brokers on their way out the door.

So Greater Atlanta's families have mostly run out of gold and other precious metals to sell.  This had long since been forecasted.  However, the folks at Gwinnett Gold Brokers vow to help when-ever they need to.  If individuals in Gwinnett or Greater Atlanta have gold they need to sell but nobody will treat them fairly - they need to call Mr. Martin - Atlanta's Original Gold Broker, at (404) 759-7277.  He'll do everything within his power to find a way to help people receive a fair amount for their gold and jewelry.

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