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ELECTION CENTRAL: Today's hottest issues to consider when voting next week

Congressional candidates (D) John Bradbury (R) incumbent Nathan Deal debate the pros and cons of the "Fair Tax."

GDO Report

Congressman Nathan Deal said Monday night he was recently embarrassed by the lack of communication from the City of Gainesville about moving the post office from Green Street.

The Post Office came up as one of the last questions taken from the audience during the Tax Reform Debate held for the candidates a week before Election Day next Tuesday.

Deal said he asked the Postal Service about it six weeks ago and learned that the city wants to leave it where it is because of a traffic routing plan.

"It made me look rather foolish quite frankly beca  
"It made me look rather foolish..." 
Congressman Nathan Deal 
use nobody from the city had told me that", Deal said.

Deal agreed the post office is in a bad location, but everybody needs to agree on what do to.

"I can't go out and ask the Post Office to do something and pressure them as I have pressured them for years, that was embarrassing personally to me to have that response," Deal added.

Deal and Democratic challenger John Bradbury took opposite sides on the Social Security surplus and Bush initiatives on public education.

Both agreed that Congress is too partisan, too divided along party lines, to be truly effective.


State House candidates Carl Rogers and Lydia Sartain continued sniping at each other with Rogers claiming again the 26th District would be far better off with a seasoned majority party incumbent returning to office.

Sartain invited the audience to take a close look at Rogers' record including what she called special interest legislation for the funeral home industry which Sartain claimed Rogers supported for personal reasons.

Rogers and Sartain took opposite sides on tax incentives including the effect of a "fair tax" - a national sales tax - in Georgia and how it would impact the state.

Sartain said "I don't think it necessarily will be gloom and doom." Rogers replied "it will be gloom and doom."

Sartain acknowledged it would have an impact of the economy and calls for study on how dropping income tax and relying on sales tax has effected other states.

"I think it is worthwhile to learn the most responsible way to move forward but I don't think it would be the end of life as we've known it," she said.

Rogers pointed out that local school superintendents and boards of education state wide are opposed to it because income would be solely dependent on economic conditions.

"The reason they are is because of the fluctuation that could happen; when revenues are good and the economy is good that's great but when the economy is down, this is the fear that the educators have," Rogers said.


State Senate candidates Lee Hawkins and Arturo Corso differed on state immigration legislation and controlling illegal aliens.

Corso proposed a state I.D. card for every Georgian; Hawkins said that was not needed.
Hawkins favored a fair tax while Corso questioned its impact on working Georgians.

The debate was hosted by the Hall County FairTax Group, The Young Democrats, The Young Republicans and the Politically Incorrect Club.

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