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by MarnieSl

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Big news folks--they are now doing the interviews in pairs and, therefore, I will have to sit in the middle and be on camera, despite what I was previously told.  Isn't it true that the camera adds 50 pounds?  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  I can't even wear slimming black because the background might be black!  Oh my goodness, I think I'm getting hives.  But I am excited.  I've been dying to meet them all year, so I'm thrilled!  Thanks again for all of the great questions!  I hope I get to ask as many of them as possible!  And I hope they edit out my nervous words like "um" and "like"...oh please let me not use those!  

I will keep you all posted.  In the meantime, it's time for you guys to put on your thinking caps again.  How about coming up with some ideas for themes for next year's Idol season?  I was just thinking today that Grease would be pretty hilarious--everyone in the office laughed...not sure if it was with me or at me, but oh well.  I think it'd be a good idea and that's all that matters.  I wonder if John Travolta and Olivia Newton John would come on the show!  And the end could be a group performance of "Summer Lovin'"...oh yeah!

Until tomorrow, when I relay my stories of hitting people with the microphone and calling people by the wrong names.   It's sure to be a good one.  Wish me luck!

So interviewing…it’s on my brain today, that’s for sure.  I’m not going to lie to you--I’m a little nervous about interviewing the contestants on Thursday.  Not only do I have the phobia of the little red light on the camera, but I know I’m going to feel this need for them to like me…kind of like high school all over again.  Hopefully I won’t get inside my head too much because, as I’ve stated before, it’s a scary place and there are lots of nooks and crannies in which I can get lost.  Focus Marnie!  They like you!  Smile!  Look thin!  Sit up straight!  Wait, what did Ace just say?  He has nice teeth.  Why am I sweating?  Stop the ride!  I want to get off…and I’m back.  Um, excuse me Elliott, what did you just say?  I think I missed that last part.  Okay, I know my boss is going to be scared when he reads this.  I promise—I’ll be okay!  I just need to come up with an ultra-soothing mantra or something. 


Now job interviews are another thing all together.  I do get nervous for those, but not like breathe-into-a-bag nervous or anything…just really like sweaty palm nervous.  As in most areas of my life, I’ve had some doozies.  My friends tell me that I could write a book on my interview stories alone.  A lot of this probably has to do with trying to get into entertainment without any experience.  Most people really weren’t taking me very seriously.  A while back I got an interview through my brother with a producer on a show that shall remain nameless.  The guy made me wait about an hour before seeing me and then had me see his old assistant first.  She had nothing but horrible things to say about him, which was an interesting approach on her part.  I’ve actually always wondered if this was on purpose to see if I would run out the door.  When I finally did get in to see him, he got a phone call in the middle of the interview.  Not only did he take the call, but he asked me to leave.  So I walked around the set a bit when a woman came up and told me that he had probably forgotten about me.  So I knocked, he cursed loudly and yelled at me to come back in the room.  Then he proceeded to tell me that he had someone with more experience and thanked me for my time.  Now, my brother said that this was perhaps another test and when I should have told him how much I wanted the job and what a hard worker I was…yada yada.  I wish I could say that I thought of this, but really my only thought was how long it would take me to drive all the way back to San Diego (where I was living at the time) from Los Angeles.  I had another producer take about five calls and NOT ask me to leave the room, which was almost even more agonizing.  I had to listen to him talk about the pretty waitresses in the restaurants on his last trip to Italy.  I also had a series of interviews with people that asked me to drive from San Diego to LA, only to tell me how great my brother was but they were looking for someone with more experience.  I don’t want to be a big whiner or anything, but perhaps that was something they could have told me pre-two hour drive and pre-purchase of brand new interview suit. 


But hey, I’m here now and doing what I love…just need to kick these nerves.  Perhaps I can tell them that I’m picturing them all in their underwear.  Not a good idea?  Well, I’ll think of something.  Again, thanks for all of your suggestions on interview questions for the contestants!  Keep ‘em coming as I still have a couple of days until interview time.

Woooooooosh!  Did you hear that?  It’s actually me exhaling.  It was quite the weekend and today has been pretty insane, too.  The parents meeting one another was interesting, to say the least.  They really clicked, especially considering 3 of the 4 spent their careers in education.  There was certainly no lack of conversation.  In fact, I’m pretty sure my mother didn’t even come up for air the entire day.  My boyfriend’s mother seemed to really like her and she even got in about six words.  Words come out of my mother’s mouth and all I can see is the Tasmanian devil—it’s like word frenzy and the rest of us have to hold on for our lives.  But she IS entertaining, so everyone likes her.  She’s great—just hold on to your hats! 


The weird thing is my boyfriend hasn’t even popped the question yet.  Call me crazy but I thought that was supposed to come BEFORE the parents’ discussed who was paying for the cake and what kind of appetizers are being served!  But hey, maybe we’re bucking tradition here.  I’m all for that.  Hmmm…except a ring on my finger would look mighty nice despite my sausage-like fingers.  I’m not overweight but my fingers have always resembled bratwursts and my nail polish is usually chipping off, if I have any on at all.  Perhaps I need to give my hands a makeover before this all goes down…put them on a diet and get a mani…must look up “hand diets” when I’m finished here.


So I’m hoping to start putting more comments on my blog in response to your questions.  I’m sorry that I have not been able to do that much, but it’s been surprisingly busy ‘round these parts.  And I have BIG news, people!  I finally get to meet the contestants from this past season!  I am actually interviewing them for the web site to find out what they’ve been up to since the show ended, what they think about the tour, whether they’ll do a group performance at my wedding…doubt that last one will fly, but you never know.  Anyway, I’m very excited!  The interviews will be on video and posted on the web site soon.  You won’t catch a glimpse of me, however…unless you perhaps see my shadow or I inadvertently sneeze on one of them…okay, now that’s just gross.  I’ll be asking the questions but they’ll only be filming the answers…kind of like the exit interviews on the site.  That’s okay with me, though (see prior blog about severe performance anxiety).


No worries on sending me typos.  They are a pet peeve of mine.  Unfortunately, they’re not always caught in time.  I like to think that I don’t make them but someone pointed out to me today that I had written “Miles wasn’t hear” or something to that effect…sends shivers, I tell you.  But hey, no one’s perfect…except my boss, of course, who will be approving the blog content.  You’re the man!


Yes, I hope you like the updates to the look and functionality of the site.  I’m sure there will be a few glitches, as some of you have mentioned already.  Just give me a heads-up and I will forward the information along to someone who’s actually internet-savvy. 


Let’s see…did FOX hire someone to read the blogs and make comments…not that I know of!  We do have people that check the boards out during the season to see what the general population of AI fans is discussing, but that’s about it. 


I’ve passed along the idea of selling DVD’s of individual performances and of the finale.  Due to relatively low status on totem pole, I can’t tell you what will happen.  But your suggestions are always welcome. 


I don’t know much about how the tour works—whether they fly or drive, where they stay, etc.  But hopefully that will change after the interviews on Thursday!


I was also asked about how I went from Psychology to  Let’s see—there were lots, and I mean LOTS, of bad jobs in between.  I had to work my way up the ladder, having made a career change at almost 30.  I started out as an executive assistant for a brand new channel and went from there.  So basically, I guess you could say that was the equivalent of the mailroom.  It was humbling at first because I was actually making a decent living as a recruiter when I decided to make the move into entertainment, but I definitely have no regrets. 


So my goal tomorrow—more comments so I can have a shorter post!  I will do my best! Must go start finger diet and pursue goal of professional blogger!          

Hey Everybody!  Sorry I didn't get to post on Friday.  I wrote it but Miles wasn't here to approve it...we have our own mini-moderators!  So my boss had to do so and didn't get to it on time.  Anyway, here is the post from Friday and I will try to do another one today:


Pop rocks stomach explosion was most likely an urban legend.  Those are always funny but, I tell you what, on the off chance, one-in-a-million possibility that some of them are true, I never flash my brights at people with their lights off anymore.  That one ruined me for life.


Okay, so voting…ahem, well, I uh, let’s see…how do I answer that?  Come on, I went to Catholic school so we all know that I cannot tell a lie.  So the answer is NO, I didn’t vote!  However, I have a decent excuse, albeit not that great of one—we watch the show at work on an east coast feed in order to get the web site ready, so I would always forget to vote by the time the show came on the west coast.  But do as I say and not as I do!  Vote, people!


I do think that Kellie Pickler laid on the whole Southern, ditzy thing a bit thick.  Her comment “What’s a ballsy” was a dead giveaway.  The other reason I say this is some of the earlier video of her shows her actually putting together some fairly coherent sentences.  But hey, look where it’s taken Jessica Simpson.  Not knowing whether she was eating chicken or tuna has catapulted her into superstardom!  Who knows?  Perhaps Kellie will become the new spokesperson for calamari. 


Oh yes, the story about Paris thumbing through a magazine while we were rehearsing for the wedding is 100% true.  She also exclaimed loudly as she entered the reception, “Why does everyone always stare at me?”  Hmmm…could it be your outfit, or lack thereof!?  I will say that I looked over at her at one point and she was devouring an entire piece of wedding cake, so I gave her some props for that.  She’d better hope her 30’s are kind to her-mmmmwwaaaaahhhhhh…that’s my evil laugh, in case you were wondering.


Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for the comment on the homepage, as I rarely do the copy for that.  Our supervising producer, Miles, does most of the home page copy.  I do the copy for the Style section and for most of the promotions that we do (i.e.) the Just My Luck promo that ran for a little while).  I also write the newsletter, so you guys should all sign up for it if you haven’t already!


Sure, we’d love to see your poll question ideas.  They have to run through Miles, however, for final approval.  During the season, the questions can’t have to do with contestants that are still on the show.


Madlibs, you are funny!  It took me a while to understand…I think I re-read your comment about ten times, but it definitely made me laugh!


I love the question about the fruit roll-ups because I constantly get made fun of for the fruit packets that I bring to work.  You know those packets that they sell in the cereal aisle…the ones that are meant for kids?  Yep, that’s me.  I keep those companies in business.  I try to pretend that they are for my kids, but I don’t have kids yet, and I really don’t think I’m fooling anyone.  There is a method to my madness, as the packets are small, so I keep my serving size down.  Now, that’s not to say that I haven’t gone in for a second packet, but anyway…

Yes, Elliott was the dark horse of the competition, gradually inching his way into everyone’s hearts as the weeks progressed. However, one of his performances early on in the competition was really my favorite.  I loved when he sang Brian McKnight’s “Moody’s Mood For Love.”  Did you guys ever notice his hand movements when he sang?  He used to act out certain words during his performances.  It was pretty funny and very endearing!  That guy deserves the best and I hope he gets it!


As far as your questions about your blogs, I’m afraid those answers will have to wait about a week.  Miles would really be the person who could answer them and he left yesterday for Costa Rica.  Lucky guy!  But I will remember to ask him—I promise!


No good stories for you today because I’m exhausted.  I’ve had insomnia thinking about my parents meeting my boyfriend’s parents for the first time this weekend.  I’m picturing “Meet the Fockers”, only worse…much, much worse.


Until Monday!


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Saint Simon?  Talk about an oxymoron!  HA!  Just kidding, of course.  You make a good point that we notice when people are wrong more when they are right most of the time.  Wait, who’s on first?  That was kind of confusing, but it’s true.  The feedback we get does seem to indicate that the majority of people do feel like Simon gets it right most of the time.  But don’t tell him.  Uh, if you haven’t noticed, his ego is…well…let’s just say it’s perfectly in tact.  But he is a lovely person from what I hear!

Unfortunately, I have no idea about the audition cities, but this will be posted soon.  All I know is that if we do have an audition in Hawaii, I’ll beg borrow and steal to convince my boss that he needs to send me there on very important American Idol business.

Wow, I can’t wait to tell my co-workers about Nick ‘l Nips…we were just talking about them the other day but couldn’t remember the name!  Inevitably, you’d feel something on your tongue later that day and it would be a leftover piece of wax.  Ewwww!  Who ever thought of putting a sugary liquid inside a candle?  I remember the dots on the paper as well and also ingested a lot of paper trying to get at those things.  No wonder I don’t feel well half the time…I’ve got wax and paper floating around in my system.  I was also a big fan of “pixie stix”, or at least that’s what we called them.  They were those long paper tubes that would open up and you’d pour the really intense flavored sugar in your mouth.  By the way, is it true that Mikey’s stomach exploded from eating pop rocks and drinking soda?

I’ve been given the green light to divulge my favorites from this past season.  So if you’re even still interested, I will tell you that I have been a Taylor fan since day # 1.  I just remember looking at him during the auditions and liking him even more for his non-American Idol type look.  He’s so unique and, being from Chicago, I’m a huge fan of the blues.  The harmonica really won me over during his long walk to find out if he was moving on after Hollywood.  Elliott also won my heart during the competition.  What a voice and he’s got the back-story to go along with it…he’s the whole package.  I also liked some others who were eliminated early.  I was a Sway fan and I really liked Melissa’s smoky voice.  I thought Katharine had a beautiful voice but I wasn’t really drawn to her for some reason.  I was also in the minority out there on the Chris Daughtry subject.  I hope no one eggs my car or anything!  I definitely know that he has talent, but wasn’t drawn to his performances either for some reason.  Ironically, my absolute favorite night for him was the Elvis night and that ended up being the night he was voted off the show…goes to show you just what I know!  I will tell you a secret as well.  I was there the night that Kellie got eliminated and heard her never-aired final performance of Unchained Melody and, darn, if I wasn’t completely impressed with her vocal abilities!  So that’s about it in a nutshell.  The greatest thing about this show is how unique each person’s viewpoints are on their favorites.  Music and the love of music are quite subjective. 

Yes, I love John Mayer.  I’ve seen him live a couple of times and, despite the absolutely pained expression he wears on his face during his guitar solos, he is simply amazing!  Honestly, seeing him live is one of my favorite things.  He’s so talented and that doesn’t truly come across until you do see him in concert.  I just saw on the internet today that John Mayer will be touring with Sheryl Crow!

I’d have to agree that Chris might have come off robotic during his performance because of the lack of mike stand.  For rockers, this is their “binky”, people!  Without it, they are lost.  I know from doing research that early AI contender, Patrick Hall, feels the same way without his piano.  But I still thought Chris’s performance with his twin separated at birth, Ed Kowalcyk, was fantastic.  Actually, now that I think back, Chris won me over more and more as the competition progressed.

Thank you for the compliment on not being “fake!”  I appreciate that and actually couldn’t agree with you more.  I will tell you, however, that my candor hasn’t been appreciated in all situations.  When I was in graduate school for counseling psychology, we had a low-fee counseling clinic on our campus in which people who couldn’t afford counseling could come and let us “practice” on them…hence the term “practicum.”  It sounds bad but that’s essentially what it was!  The most horrifying part about this was the counseling rooms had two-way mirrors and your advisor would call in and give you advice!  Not to mention, your peers could and were encouraged to watch the sessions.  Helllllloooo, if you read my last post, you remember that I have severe performance anxiety.  Well, I decided the best way to handle this was simply to tell the people how nervous I was.  Apparently, this isn’t a good idea when trying to instill the idea that you know what you’re doing.  Ring ring.  That’s my advisor calling.  “Uh, Marnie, you probably should keep the self-deprecating comments to a minimum.” 

I guess a bit of discretion is sometimes a good idea.  But hey, I’m me…even if I am a little broken and “unusual!”  That’s life!  Hopefully it entertains you at least a little bit.  I’ll try to reply to some of your questions throughout the day so my posts aren’t so long! 

I never knew what the wafers stood for…only that they taste a bit like cardboard.  But they make great mini-Frisbees.  Personally, I like any sort of chewy candy that just about tears the teeth right out of my head…gummy bears, swedish fish…you get the idea.  Perhaps it started during the “fat free” craze when we thought it would be fine to eat a limitless amount of anything that was fat free.  Oh, ignorance was bliss, wasn’t it?  I used to polish off a box of sugar cereal in one sitting.  Hey, it was fat free!  Regardless, the chewy candy obsession stuck and I look forward to going to see movies just to indulge in an extra large box of hot tamales…and diet soda, of course.  That counters EVERYTHING!


On to some questions that were on my blog today…


Auditions, auditions, auditions…don’t you people have anything else on the brain!?  Alright, I get it.  I’d probably be the same way, except for the fact that my brother once told me that I have the worst voice of anyone on this planet…pretty much squelched that dream.  Funny, it sounds great to me when I sing at the top of my lungs in the car.  Anyhoo, just be patient, people.  The cities haven’t all been confirmed yet but, once they are, we will get the information on the site as quickly as possible.  There will be an entire section dedicated to it, including videos, photos and city guides.  I don’t have a sample contract to give out right now, but the audition packet will be thorough.


I’m not sure if American Idol is hiring, but the best place to look is  There might even be some other great opportunities on there that you haven’t considered, and FOX does do a lot of hiring from within.  In other words, there is a lot of movement once you get in the company.


Thanks for the suggestion on adding the feature for changing your email addresses on MyIdol.  We’ve gotten some other really great suggestions as well and are compiling a list.  We’ll be making some big changes this summer and fall, so remember to keep logging on!


Unfortunately, members of the VIP lounge don’t get discounted tour tickets.  I get asked a lot about “Meet and Greets” and, unfortunately, those have never been arranged by American Idol.  They may have been done by outside sources, like radio stations or businesses that somehow arrange them, but they are not arranged by Idol itself.


A Patriotic Night would be a great idea, especially at this time in our existence! I’ll pass along the idea.


What did we do pre-Wikipedia?  They know everything!  I wonder the same thing about cell phones!  I worked for this old cell phone company for a while and, before that, I never had one…never saw the need.  I went cell full-on and never went back.  In fact, I’ve realized I’ve forgotten it on my way to work a couple of times and had to talk myself out of being two hours late just to go back and get it.  “I can do this.  I can do this”, I repeat to myself.  I do okay until the “what if’s” kick in…what if I get in an accident?  What if I need to report a runaway car?  What if best friend has great story to tell me?  Man, those are rough days. 


The real question is how did we meet our friends at the mall?  The answer is, simply, on some days we just didn’t.  Point of meeting for optimal coolness as a teen can be kind of confusing.  “I said to meet in front of the gift shop!”  “And I said to meet in front of pizza place!”  What did we do?  I shudder to think.


Well, that’s about it for today.  Oh wait--the answer to my trivia question for yesterday was Chris Daughtry!  He was told by Simon that he was too “robotic” when he first auditioned…not the first time this past season that Simon was wrong!   

Lots of cool comments on my blog today.  I love that you guys are such a tight-knit community and have accepted me as one of your own.  It’s also great that you’ve come up with other things to “dish” about besides Idol.  I’ll do my best to keep you updated on what’s going on to prepare for the next stellar installment of AI.  Until then, here are some recommended ideas for posts:


  • Why do girls always have car deodorizers in their car?  Are our cars always that stinky?
  • Why does the guy at the sandwich counter ask me what’s in a turkey and ranch wrap?
  • Does anybody actually use the full service gas pumps?
  • Why are pickles so expensive?


Just kidding, of course—you guys already have some great ideas going.  These are just more meaningless, random queries that come from inside my head, which is a very cold, dark, scary place to be. 


I just got a new comment on my blog with the answer to my trivia question from yesterday.  Yes, “Kag77”, you are correct!  Heather Cox was the first person on Idol to sing Mariah Carey’s “Hero.”  Nice going!  Let’s see if I can come up with another one to tease you until the trivia questions are posted in July.  It’s difficult to come up with good questions on top of the 50 already finished, but here goes:


Which Idol finalist from Season 5 was told by Simon that he was too “robotic” during auditions?  Check my blog tomorrow for the answer!


Let’s see—I was asked about whether Bob Dylan was a fan of American Idol and, to tell you the truth, I have no idea.  But that would be a pretty cool night.  I’ll pass along the feedback.  I do think that he’d be difficult to sing for some people but, then again, I guess that’s the case for each of the artists. 


As far as our contact with the Idol production crew, mine is pretty limited.  My boss, however, goes to just about every show and interacts very close with the production staff to make sure that things go smoothly for both the show AND


 I’m so glad to have a forum to relay my bizarre life stories.  I’ve always loved to tell stories and, due to the odd things that happen to me on a daily basis, I usually have some doozies.  I actually would love to do stand-up comedy but I’ve got extremely severe performance anxiety.  This stems all the way back to the 4th grade when my teacher, Miss Bress (aaack, just the name is horrible) asked us all to perform a talent in front of the class.  Mine was telling jokes, of course, but the kids heckled me for having told all of them before.  Imagine being told in the 4th grade that you need some new material!  I mean, I’d only been alive for eight or nine years at that point.  How much material did they expect me to have?  But I digress.  Long story short, she asked me to sit down and I thought that was the end of it.  However, in her cruel, maniacal way, she let everyone else go and then turned back to me and asked me if I was ready to perform another talent in order to get my Necco wafer candy (if you lived on the east coast, you might get this reference).  Of course, I had nothin’.  I can’t sing or dance to save my life, which is a family curse.  So I cried and ran out of the room and haven’t really been able to get up in front of others since.  I know it sounds crazy, but that lady worked a number over on me!  Not that this is surprising, as she was a former nun who got kicked out of the convent for being so mean.  I’m not sure that this is actually true, but it’s always been a part of the story and somehow makes me feel better. 


So for now, I remain behind-the-scenes.  I don’t need to make anything up, as something pretty embarrassing happens to me on a daily basis.  The only thing that changes is the level of degradation.  Yesterday, I got into work and had a LARGE brown stain in the middle of my WHITE shirt and, the worst part about it was, I really couldn’t pass it off as something that had happened that morning.  That sucker was an old stain.  Moral of the story:  Look in the mirror before going to work…at least once.


Alrighty then, I’ll be back tomorrow to give you the answer to my latest trivia question.  It’s definitely someone you wouldn’t expect! 

Well, I’m starting to get some good response to my blog, which leads me to believe that either the posts are good or you people have nothing better to do.  I’m going with the first one to feed my hungry, hungry ego.  Hunger is on the brain.  I went to Vegas this weekend and I’m probably the only person who managed to eat her way through the city.  I mean, come on—this whole eating less for the summer gig doesn’t seem to be working for me.  The more I think “don’t eat”, I really just take away the “eat” part.


First up…hopefully some decent responses to your wonderful and insightful comments and questions… 


I was asked for some advice on getting into copy writing.  I’m probably not the best person to ask since this opportunity kind of fell into my lap.  However, I will say that I managed to finagle people into seeing me as a writer even though I had never been paid to write before.  The way I did this was by starting to do some writing for free for online magazines.  I went on to and found some opportunities to write food reviews, articles, etc. for free for online magazines that can’t afford to pay their writers.  The nice part is I ended up writing some good stuff and people liked my samples, and this led to me being able to put some actual writing experience on my resume.  I then became the writer coordinator on the Best BLEEP Sports Show Period and, while that is actually more like a writer assistant, I was asked to submit a few jokes for the monologue and some were actually used on the air!  I guess my advice is simply to start doing it…write, write, write…write about anything that makes you happy.  In the age of blogging, everyone’s got a forum, which is great.  I hope that helps! 


Where do we work?  Why, in Beverly Hills of course—where the milk is always skim, the only thing real is the traffic and the dogs dress better than your average human…just kidding—well, sort of…it really is a lovely place.


How do we know the number of viewers?  Nielsen calculates the ratings.


Have I met anyone famous?  Well, I did a short stint as a “celebrity” (I use the term loosely, as the person I was working for wasn’t quite A list) personal assistant, and did meet a few people when my boss saw fit that I could be introduced to someone…which didn’t happen very often.  One of them was Jim Carrey, which made me happy!  While working on the Best BLEEP Sports Show Period, I stood next to a lot of the celebrity guests before they went on stage.  So I didn’t actually say anything to them, but they might have been able to smell my perfume.  You take what you can get as you move your way up the ladder.  I didn’t get to meet any of the contestants this season, unfortunately.  We had a wrap party for the show the night of the finale, but we had to stay late to get the web site ready to go.  By the time we got there, the only people I saw were the Clay look-alike, Garrett (“The Crying Cowboy”) and Crazy Dave Hoover.  Yeah, so go ahead.  You can say you know me. 


You wanna hear something really funny?  I was actually at a wedding a long time ago that Paris Hilton attended when she was dating the model, Jason Shaw.  This was before her media blitz and, let me assure you, she was just as crazy pre-overexposure.  While the rest of us were rehearsing in the church, Paris thumbed her way through a magazine, looking as bored as ever.  Perhaps the article on party favors was a bit tough for her.


Let’s see…the audition schedule.  The cities haven’t been confirmed yet, but once they are, we will post the audition information on our site, complete with photos, videos and city guides.


Will we post information on the other Idols who didn’t win and their pending CD’s?  Of course!  We love to keep track of former Idols and often post pieces on them on our site.  Many times the info will be right on our home page or under “Idol News.”


Kevin Covais on tour?  The tour includes the Top 10 as opposed to the Top 12, which left Kevin Covais off the tour, as he was in the Top 11.


I also got a recommendation on doing a piece on the Moderators that monitor the boards for Idol, which I think is a great idea.  Our supervising producer is working on getting an interview.


The trivia questions that I wrote won’t be on the site until mid-July, so you will just have to wait until then.  Here’s a little teaser:  Who was the first person to sing Mariah Carey’s “Hero” on American Idol?  See my next blog for the answer!


I love the celebrity news comment that was posted about Brangelina’s Shiloh possibly not being Brad’s baby!  I’m a celebrity news addict.  My boyfriend is like a sponge when it comes to politics and current events.  I wish I was that informed.  But you tell me that Kim Kardashian (the daughter of Robert Kardashian who defended O.J.), who has been linked to Nick Lachey (who hasn’t?) is the step-sister to Brody Jenner, who dates Laguna Beach’s Kristin Cavalieri, who has also been linked to Nick Lachey, I’ll remember it (just read this in a magazine this weekend).  Could there be any more useless information?  But it sticks to my brain like mosquitoes to lip gloss (What?  You’ve never worn lip gloss on a motorcycle before?).


Speaking of celebrity news, what I heard on the radio this morning was so hilarious; I almost drove off the road.  Of course, my fave, Paris Hilton, was in the news…yet again.  She hit a parked car (not allegedly-it was caught on video) and then drove away!  One of the best parts about it was her publicist’s statement:


"She was swarmed by paparazzi," he said. "The intensity of the lights, flashbulbs, momentarily disoriented her." He added: "She then told me she notified one of the parking people at the facility how to contact her and asked the person to please pass that along" to the owner of the struck car.


Seriously, thank goodness this was in writing because you know that NO ONE could actually say this with a straight face!  I half suspected to see a little smiley icon after the statement!  Most sought-after interview:  the parking people at that facility who testify to the fact that the only thing she said as she sped away was “That’s HOT!”


So this was a long one today, but I hope that’s cool with you guys.  I had a lot of questions to answer and meaningless information to pass along.  I hope I got to at least most of it.  And whoever this Songbird is whose blogging about “Paper or Plastic” can just “bag it” because there’s a new blogger in town.  Just kidding-there’s room in this great big blogosphere for all of us, so keep the questions/comments coming. 

First things first-there was a question about the number of viewers American Idol has.  The show averaged between 28 and 35 million a week which, coincidentally, is the approximate amount I’d like to start bringing down per year.  But I’m guessing that, unless I can somehow produce evidence that I’m Bill Gates’ long lost daughter, that probably ain’t gonna happen.  I’ve been working on my grammar—can you tell?


Also, as far as making recommendations for American Idol, you can always post ideas on the boards.  We do have people that read them to get an idea of what’s being said about the show.  We also have people that read the Idol web email, so that’s another good place to give feedback.  The email address is


As far as my job goes, I spent the last couple of days writing trivia questions for the show.  This made me realize one thing:  I could probably go on “American Idol Jeopardy” should someone choose to capitalize on this idea.  Man, I know a lot about that show!  I was given a week to write the questions and it only took a day.  Does that make me cool or just really bizarre?  Unfortunately, it’s most likely the latter.  But hey, who wants to be average?  Yep, my Idol trivia is up to speed, as is my knowledge of pop culture.  Now ask me about World War II or how to get somewhere in fewer than ten minutes, I might not exactly be your gal.


Speaking of the trivia questions—I actually just found out what they are being used for on the site.  Apparently, we are adding a comprehensive American Idol tour section with videos, updated schedules and Idol trivia that yours truly be sure to check the site daily to catch the latest info.


On a more personal note, I’d like to tell you about something that distressed me today.  Because our cafeteria isn’t open yet, we have gotten free breakfasts and lunches since we moved into this new building…and no, this is NOT what I’m complaining about, in case you were wondering.  In fact, this is wonderful!  However, being officially in my 30’s now (reminds me of that Talking Heads song “Once in A Lifetime” which asks “How did I get here?”); I have to watch what I eat.  Most days, this doesn’t bother me all that much.  However, there are those days when you think, “Ya know what, I really want to eat that cheese danish, chow that raspberry scone, shove my face right in that chocolate chip muffin and wash it down with….gasp!...a full fat moccachino!  I had one of those moments today.  I had an out of body experience and actually rose outside myself, watching my alter-self enjoying the food as if it was her last day on earth.  And then it hit me—I can’t do that!  I have to wear a bathing suit this weekend.  As I grabbed a banana, a genetically endowed freakishly thin blonde came by and grabbed a chocolate muffin and, oh yes, the NOT sugar-free apple juice…the nerve of her!  I could just tell by looking at her that she could probably eat that with a mac ‘n cheese chaser and still be a size 1. 


I’ve gotten that email that I know you’ve gotten, too…about a person that was dying who wrote a poem about going barefoot all the time and stopping for ice cream more.  I’m sure a lot of you are still very young, but let me just tell you—the second you hit 30, you can actually gain weight by looking at a piece of cheesecake.  You doubt me, but it’s true!  And barefoot?  Come on!  Even your local convenience store has a sign that says “No shoes, no shirt, no service.”  Let’s be practical, people!  Stop sending me those touchy- feely emails, friends!  It will only go in the "trash" along with my half-eaten banana that I had for breakfast.


My new mantra:  Step away from the donuts.


There, I feel better now! 

Thanks for the feedback on my blog! I have to say, it's nice to finally be able to hear from "the people!" It's also nice because I really am a true Idol fan, so I share the same passion as you guys/gals! Unfortunately, I can't really reveal my favorites because I have to be impartial, but perhaps I might provide hints here and there in recaps, etc. I'm pretty open.

As far as your feedback on the show, I don't have a ton of "pull" in making big decisions! But I do forward on your thoughts/ideas to the "higher ups!"

So…not much new with me in the world of American Idol.  I will say that I've been managing to keep busy since the show ended, but I can't help but feel like I've somehow lost my best friend or I'm missing a limb.  Last night I went to a baby shower when it should have clearly been results night!  I’m so glad I work for because I can still get my “Idol fix!”   

I had a horrible morning.  Normally, my commute is fine despite its length.  I just zone out and listen to the morning radio programs…oh, and put my makeup on at every stoplight, of course.  But today, I heard a song with a rather catchy, reggae beat to it, so I turned it up...only to realize it was Paris Hilton!  How can I possibly think I have musical taste when I was jamming to Paris Hilton!?  What's next!?  Putting Mandy Moore on my ipod?  Tappin' my toe to Kevin Federline.  POPO ZAO!  Is this the beginning of the end for me? 

I certainly hope not.  Until tomorrow, when I start singing aloud to Lindsay Lohan...woe is me.




Okay so I’m not going to lie to you-this whole blog thing is new to me.  I’m one of those people that still runs with a tape player, talks on a brick phone and uses VHS tapes.  Alright, so I might be exaggerating a little bit, but I’m definitely not a hip person when it comes to this kind of thing.  But I thought you might like to know a little bit about me.  My name is Marnie and I’m a copy writer for  If this sounds boring to you, you can stop reading here, but I can guarantee at least one laugh…or at the very least the corners of your mouth might form the beginnings of a grin.  Go on, try it.


When I tell people that I’m a copywriter for, simply being associated with the top-rated show in America gets a pretty big reaction out of most people.  The truth is-- it’s pretty much your average job, with some exceptions.  In true corporate fashion, they’ve combined two jobs into one.  So technically, I’m also my boss’s assistant.  It’s not bad considering he’s extremely self-sufficient.  I’ve had bosses before that would sooner send you on an all-expense paid trip to Egypt than answer their own phones.  That’s not my boss at all…he does a lot of things on his own.  It is a little odd in some ways.  There will be days when I’ll be writing the promo copy for the style column and then turn around and do his expenses.  But that’s life, right?  It’s all about compromise.  It’s all about the bigger picture…at least that’s what I tell myself.


Okay, so if you’re really curious, here is the breakdown of our team:


Marnie, that’s me-Copywriter/Assistant to Jeff


Miles-Supervising Producer

Jared-Sr. Applications Developer

Steve-Art Director

Nathan McGowan-Product Manager

Eric Ho-Art Designer

Laura-Applications Developer

Sarah-Video Editor

James-Video Editor

Mark-Senior Video Editor

Michael-“Jaded Journalist”



Today is June 5, 2006.  We moved buildings.  Considering the fact that I am geographically impaired, it wasn’t that stress-inducing.  We only moved a block away.  But it is a REALLY cool building.  It’s very modern and has a definite internet feel to it.  I was surprised that I didn’t have to do a retinal scan to get in today…it’s that high-tech looking.  It also has basketball hoops and we’ve heard rumors of a game room.  Of course, we haven’t seen it yet, but just the idea that it’s out there makes us happy.  The only thing that concerns us as a group is how much this smacks of that whole “dot com” era of the 90’s.  I know, I know, just hearing that term made you cringe, right?  But come on, we’ve got our own cafeteria, games to play and we’ve even got this latte maker thingy…not many people can argue with that.


Before Laura got here, I was the only girl in our building.  The video crew is in another location, so Sarah had her own testosterone team to deal with.  It was pretty funny because I was the sole answer for all feminine queries that any of them had.  I had to represent, and I hope I did well.  I can joke around with the best of them and I think that even surprised these guys.  But you know what—my mom thinks that’s one of the reasons that I’m not married yet.  I’m always blending in and becoming just one of the boys.  But hey, that’s the way I like it.


Not sure if you want to know what my personal life is like, but it’s pretty comical.  I’m one of those people that very weird things happen to…very weird.  I’m an odd-scenario magnet.  There are too many examples to go on and on, but one story my friends are always asking me to tell is the “treadmill story.”  Well, basically, the long and short of it is that I lost my balance while trying to watch TV and run at the same time.  I fell off the treadmill at my gym.  But I didn’t let go because I could sense in the back of my mind how badly it would hurt to be propelled at a fairly high speed into the stationary bikes behind me.  So the alternative was to hold on until someone could hit the emergency button…which the gal next to me did, but it didn’t work.  Yes, this is a true story.  So by the time an employee got the thing to stop, I pretty much had scraped all the skin off my legs…kinda cool, eh?  Well, that’s not even the weird part!  To convince everyone how fine I was, I just bandaged myself up and stayed for another hour.  Adrenaline is a funny thing.  I don’t think I realized how bad it hurt until I got home.


I got my Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology but decided to pursue my passion of writing and entertainment about four years ago.  So I had to start over, which is hard because now I’m 33 and feeling a little behind in life.  But hey, life’s not a sprint.  It’s a marathon.  A watched pot never boils.  A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush—I never really have understood this one.  Read my next blog for more platitudes.


As far as working for goes, it doesn’t get much better.  I’m a fan of the show and always have been, so it’s a pretty cool gig.  I haven’t met Ryan Seacrest yet but I figure that I could wait years and he’ll still look the same.  He’s got that whole Dick Clark non-aging freaky thing going on.  I did get to go to the show twice this year.  People probably expect that we’d go more but those tickets are like gold…plus, who would run the web site?  I mean, come on people…


Everyone I work with is hilarious!  This is a huge bonus for me because, if you haven’t noticed already, I’m quite the comedienne myself.  What?  It’s not like I can tell dirty jokes in here guys.  Cut me some slack.  American Idol is like “Little House on the Prairie” but the reality show version…in other words, gotta keep it clean.  But I like working with funny people.  Sometimes the IM’s that fly between us are so comical, we print them out and put them on the wall.  On occasion we laugh with each other but mostly we laugh at each other.  Hey, I didn’t say we were a bunch of sensitive folks. 


So that’s about it on life at…for now.


Based on the emails that we get, it sounds like a lot of you are interested in hearing about auditions…you’re ready to try your luck and pull out your inner-Taylor or become like the notorious William Hung.  Well, hold on to your hats because we’ll be posting that info on the site any day now! 


I’ll be “blogging” all summer so if you’re curious about anything (well, almost anything), “blog” me back, dude.  Ping me back?  Hit me on the blog side?  Throw me a frigging bone here!    

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I'm originally from Buffalo and moved to Chicago when I was in eighth grade. I went to the University of Iowa for undergrad and received my Masters in Psych from the University of Colorado @ Denver. While I've really loved all of these places for different reasons, I now live in Hermosa Beach, CA, and have never been happier! I'm a self-admitted TV addict, and Idol is a big part of the addiction! Most of my friends love watching the REALLY bad people audition, but my fav is definitely when it gets down to the finalists. I'm really looking forward to seeing the talent next year brings.





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