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Atlanta HardiPlank offers Greater Atlanta Homeowners
Many Different Solutions for Re-Siding their Homes.

 We Guarantee the
LOWEST COST by at least $1,000
and the
HIGHEST LEVEL WARRANTY according to your needs*

We work with several different vendors,  ALL of which are 
James Hardie Certified Professional Installers 

CALL US TODAY to check availability of our 50% Discount!

Need to Re-Side Quickly for a Home Sale or Re-Fi?  
Atlanta HardiPlank specializes in replacing defective siding with genuine James Hardie fiber cement siding and will get your job done before your closing - GUARANTEED!

Whether you are buying, selling or simply re-financing - Atlanta HardiPlank specializes in working closely with your realtors, inspectors and financial representatives in expediting projects and paperwork.

We know how important it is to have your work completed fast without sacrificing beauty or quality.  Count on the professionals at Atlanta HardiPlank to deliver the highest quality at the market's lowest price.

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HardiPlank Atlanta Sponsors

ATLANTA - HardiPlank Atlanta Insatllers and Installation Contractors must be James Hardie Trained and Authorized for Projects to be Official James Hardie Certified Installs carrying the full 50 Year Transferrable James Hardie Warranty.

As the home improvement season rushes in for those hoping to sell and get top dollar for their present homes so they can move into homes that are more compatible with their current needs, many greater Atlanta residents are beginning to do their homework and searching for the "Best Deal."

And just as the experienced craftsmen follow the age old rule of thumb of ... '90% Preparation - 10% Perspiration," so should the homeowners who have been postponing costly repairs until this point in time, follow the same strategy. 

Unfortunately, the "Best Deal" for the homeowner very often bears a much different meaning to many companies out there who specialize in taking advantage of innocent homeowners new to the home improvement process.  Because of this, Gwinnett Daily Online's very own "Builder Ron" is standing by - doing everything he can to help prevent as many families a possible from being taken advantage of. 

Here are Ron's three simple rules to live by before spending one single penny or making any decision what-so-ever.  Please note that "Builder Ron" endorses absolutely no sponsors and his sole purpose is to help families get the best deal possible on home repairs and improvements for many years to come.  In addition, Mr. Ron receives absolutely no compensation of any kind for his advice, other than the mere hope that he has helped at least one family from making a less than optimal decision. 

One's home is very often the most expensive and most important investment they'll ever make.  It's not only a source of financial security for your entire family, but it's their shelter as well.  Before placing something so important in the hands of a company you're unfamiliar with - do your homework thoroughly in the beginning and avoid making the mistakes that countless other homeowners have made in past decades across the country

"Builder Ron's" absolute best advice for any home repair or upgrade - be it small, medium or large is as follows: begin by getting at least three estimates from licensed, insured and referenced contractors is always your best first step forward -  but following up and following through is equally, if not more important!.

Many homeowners see advertisements touting great savings and blindly enter into contracts that end up not so great after much of your money has disappeared.  Many of these deals end up in courtrooms where the homeowner most assuredly will never win anything more than an empty judgement.  

If the "contractor" got the best of you - chances are they did the same thing many times over to others.  Instead of making good on the damage they've caused, all they have to do is start over with a new company name - with YOUR MONEY!   Companies who operate in this manner are in great numbers across the U.S. and are extremely good at what they do.

And to think, all of this was completely avoidable if the homeowner had only done their homework!  (Which cost's nothing - by the way!)

First step - Call the manufacturer of the materials being used and check the status of your contractor's license.  You may also want to check your local Better Business Bureau for recent complaints.

Next step - .Call the contractor's insurance company and make yourself the beneficiary of their insurance - should something go awry.

Finally - Go out and visit at least three of the references the contractor lists.  Do it on the weekend, when the homeowner is outside tooling around - and approach them. 

"Hello there!  I was just admiring your beautiful home.  Who does your work?" 

People love telling you all about their house, both the good and the bad.  You don't even have to mention that you're really checking up on references.  Why should that matter?

Chances are - you will walk away with a pleasant exchange and you will have made a new acquaintance.  People are usually a whole lot nicer than you think.

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AmeriCam ATLANTA - For The Most Advanced Vehicle Video Solutions Available Today! (770) 831-6795

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