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Atlanta discount heating and air conditioning services company overcome by business in opening week



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ATLANTA - A new discount heating and air conditioning services company called "AC LOCATORS" opened it's doors this week and was overcome by an enormous amount of business.

The recently founded company was created to offer Atlanta area consumers discounted pricing on their heating and air conditioning repairs and upgrades.

New government restrictions in the air conditioning industry known as "Seer 13*" (outlined below) went into effect on January 1st, forcing an approximate 50% increase in all HVAC equipment and repairs.  For example, before the increase, a low end replacement of an HVAC unit was a minimum of $3,000.  Now, with the new regulations, that same repair will cost approximately $4,500.

The company's plan is simple.  To help Atlanta area consumers save a great deal of money on their AC services by utilizing their founder's 20 years of experience in the heating and air conditioning business, combined with the purchasing power of their enormous customer base. 

One way they'll be lowering their customers repair bill is through lower advertising costs.  Typical HVAC vendors in Atlanta spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on advertising.  They recoup that expense by adding an average of $500 to every sale.  AC Locators advertise only Online, adding only pennies to the cost of each sale.

AC Locators won't be doing any of the repair and replacement work themselves.  They'll be relying on the many reputable service providers that have been in the area for decades.  Their sole function will be to help customers find the best deals possible on all their HVAC needs.

For more information, you can call (770) 831-6795 for pricing or to make an appointment. 

You can also download more information about AC Locators new discount service by clicking here:  AC-LocatorsAd1.gif

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