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The Undeniable Truth About Nibiru or Planet X






Written by:
Paul 0. Martin
Senior Staff Writer

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ATLANTA - Question: If a body in space were headed to within our general vicinity, would NASA or any other group definitely know about it?
Answer: Absolutely not!  Which explains why, so often, we hear of asteroids coming close to Earth at the last minute or shortly after the event.
In NASA's defense, it's cost prohibitive and more than likely impossible to know everything that’s going on relatively near us in space.  What's more, that's not now, nor has it ever been NASA's charter.  Furthermore, NASA has never made any such claim.
However, for NASA to discard the possibility that not even one planetary body could possibly be on a trajectory towards a relatively close proximity to our natural orbit around our sun any time soon is equally beyond their grasp of what's knowingly possible.
It helps to know how NASA does some of the work they perform when searching the heavens for something examinable.  First, NASA scans various segments of the sky with different equipment that's located either on Earth or very close by.  Of course, they also send out probes and other vehicles but that’s outside the matter under discussion within this article. 

Once NASA detects areas or items of interest - they then begin examining as best they can with all the gadgets and know how they have the resources to. 
While the range of instrumentation NASA uses is vast and complex, it’s vital to realize a very important fact.   No technology will ever approach the level and magnitude of the minds, the expertise, the imagination and intellectuality of those behind these devices.
That being said, could a planet with an extremely vast orbit around a star or following no orbit at all, be headed in Earth's general direction without being detected?  Of course it could.   
Let's touch on some of these very real possibilities:
Dark objects that are not recognizably orbiting stars go unseen and undetected all of the time.  In addition, astronomers have a specific name for planets that don't orbit stars.  They're called rogue planets.  Also, a planetary object may very well be reflecting light on its side that is opposite to us while it heads in our general direction. 
More likely though, a celestial body with a gaseous atmosphere might not reflect light and/or heat at all, thus making it too dark to detect.  If someone doesn't happen to be coincidentally looking in exactly that particular direction at exactly the time when such an object passes in front of something generating, reflecting or blocking light or heat – at the time its being studied - and if exactly the right technology is not being used at the time to detect said object - well then it could very well go unnoticed. 
In case you weren't keeping track, that was a great many conditions which have to be met exactly at the same time in a very, very big universe.
So when someone at NASA or anywhere else makes a claim that there's no possible way a planet vaguely fitting just a few of the descriptions of Nibiru or any other planet – it’s important to keep an open mind.  Also keep in mind that NASA is NOT saying that there's nothing heading our way.  They're saying that "Nibiru" or “Planet X” is not headed on a collision course with our planet near month’s end.  This is something we can all certainly agree upon.  (We hope.)


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