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AmeriCam Atlanta Develops Industy's Most Advanced Car Camera System for Under One-Fifty

Vehicle Video Camera Industry's Most Advanced System Released and It's Priced Under $150.  Critics Refer to the News As "UNBELIEVABLE."

(Rough Draft - Story Pre-Release)

GDO Report

ATLANTA - AmeriCam Atlanta, located just outside the Mall of Georgia in Buford, has developed the industry’s most advanced dashboard camera system for its price range. 

The company's new vehicle video system
accommodates wired camera and security devices, wireless devices as well as industry standard Bluetooth technology.

The most significant feature of the new system is the fact that it can be completely covert if the owner chooses to make it so.  Most other car camera systems in the market have to be mounted somewhere in the windshield area.  This acts as a beacon to thieves as well as obstructs the driver's field of vision.

Broadcasting to thieves that an expensive piece of electronics is free for the taking to anyone capable of smashing a car window is bad enough.  However, in addition to the vehicle owner having to deal with the loss of their new device and their newly broken window - the thieves also have all of the victim's video footage - which is possibly even more disturbing.

In the opinion of most security minded individuals, the theft combined with the safety hazard of the driver's obstructed view far outweigh any possible security advantage gained by the use of the dash cam system.  AmeriCam Atlanta's covert system is securely mounted to the vehicle's chassis in any number of hidden locations, which make it nearly impossible to steal.  Furthermore, the device's memory module is secured by a heavy duty lock.  And if those two safeguards were not enough - the video and audio data are encrypted by a passcode known only to the system's owner.

But that is in no way the best features of AmeriCam Atlanta's new car camera system.  We're told that the features that make their system the best in the industry are far too numerous for this article.  We will, however, mention that their new system features "Open System Archetecture (OSA)" enabling it's compatibility with wearable smart security devices such as Google Glasses, Smart Watches and an unbelievable host of other technologies available today and in the future.

These current and future devices communicate with AmeriCam Atlanta's base unit through both the wireless and Bluetooth interfaces. 

Why is wearable technology so important?  Because it extends the safety AmeriCam Atlanta provides you with while you're outside your vehicle.  Please keep an eye out for Gwinnett Daily Online's exclusive continuation of this groundbreaking story. 

AmeriCam Atlanta Also Features the Following Industry Firsts:

 Priced at ONLY $149
 LifeTime Limited Warranty
 FREE Online OffSite Video Storage
 Extended Secondary Memory Module Capability Option
 Extended & Enhanced Field-of-Vision/Line-of-Site Component

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AmeriCam ATLANTA - For The Most Advanced Vehicle Video Solutions Available Today! (770) 831-6795

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