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Louis Farrakhan calls for the burning of America at his "Black State of the Union" speech

Civil rights leader Louis Farrakhan


GDO Report

The "Black State of the Union" speech delivered by Louis Farrakhan last Saturday at a forum organized by talk show host Tavis Smiley entitled "Prominent African-Americans and Development of the Black Agenda." 

America must be burned! America is no good at all. If you have made a promise that you don't keep, what are you? You are a liar, a deceiver.

... You can't make an agreement or covenant with black America when you have made an agreement with hell and a covenant with death...You have good white people who want to see this covenant successful. But you're not dealing with them when you dial up. When you sit down with Bush, who are you dealing with? And do you have what it takes to deal effectively with him? All you can do is petition. That's all you can do. You sit and you confer, you talk, and you feel good. But the Bible teaches you that we war not against flesh and blood. The white folk that you have good relationship with, that's flesh and blood. They don't have the power.

... This is a government that the Founding Fathers said, whenever a government fails to guarantee life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, that government either needs to be reformed or abolished. Now, when are you going to stand up? Because you don't have the juice to reform it. It has to be abolished and something new and better set in its place. You all got to take your government back because it's been taken from you by a group of smart, crooked industrialist bankers. (warning: eeeeevil Jewish conspiracy alert)  You all know what I'm talking about. But if you don't have the testicular fortitude to say what needs to be said, then sit down and stop trying to say you speak for our people and the hurt of the poor.

... Look to God, look to yourself, break your covenant with hell and death, then make a covenant with black America and let's help implement a road map that will free us and the whites that will be free can be freed by this. The Mexicans, the Hispanics can be freed by this road map. We are a universal people. But those at the top, they're on their way to hell, and if I've got any power, I want to push them into hell as fast as I can.

There's more, but you get the idea: Bush is Satan, America is controlled by evil Jewish bankers, blacks are no better off than they were 50 or 100 years ago, and America must be destroyed and rebuilt in order for blacks to be free.  Destroyed, as in burned.  As in Armageddon.

Can we all agree that what Farrakhan said this weekend is much farther off the deep end than anything ever uttered by Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson?  This man isn't just rebuking some podunk town in Pennsylvania; he wants to see America completely destroyed.


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