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Netflix To Increase Subscription Fees Dramatically In Very Near Future





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ATLANTA – Has Your Internet Slowed Or Stopped Working Entirely?  You’re Far From Alone...

Over the past few months, television viewers have added Netflix so increasingly that today – one in three American households include Netflix in their TV entertainment experience.  This has increased Internet traffic to a point where carriers such as Comcast and Verizon/ATT want an additional cut of the profits.

The carriers were very subtle in their message, originally.  Reportedly, areas of the net that were experiencing increased bandwidth consumption from Netflix users found themselves experiencing significant disruptions in their Internet service.  These disruptions included considerable slowdowns in data transmission along with complete periodic stoppages in data flow masked by erroneous error messages.  These disruptions ultimately made watching Netflix programming virtually impossible – especially during prime time programming.

Many users, especially technically savvy users, saw right through the carriers’ alleged acts of sabotage upon their paying customers – referring to them as “throwing a wrench in the works.” 

Not surprisingly, with no other options available, Netflix cried uncle and recently began reaching agreements to pay carriers such as Comcast, Verizon and AT&T enormous sums of money.  And, guess who Netflix will be forwarding those added costs and then some?

On Sunday, February 23rd, Comcast and Netflix made the joint announcement, marking the first time that Netflix is paying for faster speeds in the U.S. after customers complained about slowed and technically troubled services. Terms of the deal were not disclosed for some odd reason.

Netflix Users Targeted by Elaborate New Internet Scammers...

The new Netflix based scamers' messages often look somewhat like the above example...

BUFORD - Internet security experts recently identified a brand new scam that uses an elaborate form of phishing to target Netflix subscribers.

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