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American Appreciation Day Gaining Traction - Needs Buyer or Major Sponsor ASAP






Those who are interested in our effort can find out more as it develops  

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ATLANTA - "American Appreciation Day," a day designed to rally conservative votes while celebrating traditional values - is rapidly gaining traction, according to the effort's founders.  Based on traffic to the Website located at and the number of emails received each day - which is said to more than double as each day passes.

The campaign was designed to be sold or leased to a buyer or sponsor that has the significant resources required to realize its enormous potential.  Unfortunately, those who have shown interest in acquiring the effort have either lacked sufficient funds or manpower needed to take the effort nation wide effectively.  The group's founders are even offering a significant finders fee for anyone who steers the right buyer or sponsor their way and an agreement is reached.

It is believed that with the right organization behind it, American Appreciation Day will be an enormous commercial success.  The appreciation day that occurred on August 1st of this year brought record revenues to the fast food chain it celebrated.  The move was a risky one because it was based on Biblical ideals which was said to alienate certain groups of people.  American Appreciation Day is designed to celebrate traditional American values that were originally spelled out in the US Constitution.

The patriotic movement designates November 6th, or Presidential Election Day for their day of appreciation.  The founders are hoping that because of their effort - voters will have traditional values fresh in their minds as they make their way to the polls.

Anyone interested in acquiring the American Appreciation Day campaign or lending sponsorship to the event is encouraged to contact Paul Martin at the information listed below while it's still available.  Those who know an individual or organization who might be a good fit and is interest in the finders fee are invited to do the same.  Those who are interested can find out more information as it develops at   

Paul O. Martin
RealNet Solutions
2300 Copper Trail Lane
Building 200/Suite 200
Buford, Georgia 30519

Ph. (770) 831-6795


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Original Story:
Atlanta Group Designates "American Appreciation Day" to Generate Conservative Votes and Increase Traditional Values

ATLANTA - A small group of local individuals has launched an effort to dedicate November 6th, this Presidential Election day, to be designated a day of appreciation for those who believe in Traditional American Values. 

The move is designed to have traditional values fresh in the minds of voters when casting their votes at the polls this November.   Obviously, the group's ultimate goal is to increase votes for Conservative Candidates, but it's also an attempt to celebrate those who honor and exemplify traditional values, as well.

According to the group's founder, Paul O. Martin, of Buford - "We've simply launched an effort to designate a day of appreciation for those who believe in traditional American values.  We're trying to combine that campaign with an attempt to increase votes for candidates who exemplify those values." 

Mr. Martin goes on to explain that members of his group lack the resources to make any significant impact with the campaign they've developed, which is why they're seeking a buyer or a significant organization to sponsor the effort.  Those who are interested can find out more information as it develops at  

"We feel that with the right resources behind the concept - it could possibly exponentially out-perform the appreciation day effort that occured on August 1st of this year."  He adds that his group feels strongly about leaders in the White House exemplifying age-old traditional American values.  "We feel that they would be excellent examples and role models for our nation's young.  Their influence could go a long way toward teaching young Americans by example to stay away from illegal drugs, possibly avoid unplanned pregnancies and even to do what it takes to stay married, later in life."

Mr. Martin wrapped up our interview with the notion that his group members feel strongly about strictly maintaining a positive message within the campaign.   They feel that its imperative to stay away from any negativity or judgement of opposing views at all cost. 

He stressed his point with an example about sports teams.  "Individuals or groups can celebrate and cheer for their team as much as they wish without saying anything negative about any other team or team member.  It's simply a choice one makes in all things, to stay positive and simply support what one believes in through positivity." 

"Celebrating one's opinion or way of life is an awesome feeling - and NEVER has to include judgment or negativity of any kind.  Love and support are just that - and ONLY that.  This is a very important part of our message" Mr. Martin concludes.

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