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Republicans Get Not-So-Secret Weapon for November Surprise






Those who are interested in our effort can find out more as it develops  

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ATLANTA - The race between Democrats and Republicans continues to run neck and neck with a small edge reported for one candidate or the other every time a new story is released through the news media. 

Atlanta based conservative group "Citizens for American Traditional Values®" hopes to make the decisive difference this November for the Republican Party.  The group plans to make the difference with a new and innovative campaign that nobody saw coming.

"American Appreciation Day®" is a day created by the group to rally conservative votes while celebrating traditional American values, which they have scheduled to occur on November 6th, Election Day.  It's their hope that through their efforts, voters will have those values in mind as they're on their way to the polls. 

The group feels that if they are successful in their efforts between now and that day, there will be plenty of people wearing their sweatshirts, jackets or hats while drinking from coffee mugs displaying their message.  Their theory is that voters won't have a choice but to have their message in mind while voting with enough exposure.

Their theory is that with enough exposure, voters won't have a choice but to have their message in mind while voting.  Of course, that level of exposure will take a great deal of money that they do not have, so they're looking for a mega-sponsor to help them share the expense of their effort.  The right sponsor, a clothing retailer for example, could benefit a great deal more than they invest by participating in the project.  Hopefully that sponsor will contact the group in time to bring the whole plan to fruition.

The inspiration for this effort came from the response that was generated on August 1st of this year when people and families of all affiliations showed up in Chic-fil-A® restaurants.  According to those interviewed on that day and those who expressed themselves online, it was actually freedom of speech and freedom of religion they were supporting, and not certain people's lifestyles or political affiliations.

The creators of "American Appreciation Day®" are celebrating traditional American values, which they say are the ideals expressed in the US Constitution by this country’s founding fathers.  The group also believes in individuals expressing their beliefs in completely positive ways, free of judgment or negativity.

The group asks for support from those who can afford it, and from those who are cash strapped from our struggling economy - they're asking that they'll send in their old, out of date or broken jewelry.  The group's founder owns a small gold refinery in Atlanta and can easily turn scraps of gold, platinum or silver into cash to help support their efforts. 

More On American Appreciation Day®:

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American Appreciation Day® Needs Your Support   

American Appreciation Day® is a day designed to rally conservative votes while celebrating Traditional American Values.
Our campaign is rapidly gaining traction but needs your support to spread across the nation.
The Romney campaign is running neck and neck with Obama and our initiative is just what is needed to give Conservatives the lead - but we can't do it without YOU
If you can spare just a small contribution, we need your help today.  However, we realize how tight money is today.  Americans have been out of work for years and prices keep going higher.

Here's How YOU Can Help

The founders of American Appreciation Day® own a Gold Refinery in Atlanta.  If those who believe in Traditional American Values simply send us their outdated and broken jewelry, we can restore Traditional American Values to our country.  A receipt for their contribution at it's retail value will be returned to the sender.

With Conservatives back in the White House, American Corporations will return home and American workers will return to work.

Across America, if everyone simply gathers their outdated & broken jewelry to help support our effort - We Will Win!


Please Send Your Outdated & Broken Jewelry to:

Paul O. Martin C/O
RealNet Solutions

2300 Copper Trail Lane
Building 200/Suite 200
Buford, Georgia 30519

Ph. (770) 831-6795


 Our Flag Will Fly, Our Hearts Will Soar and We Will Apologize - NO MORE!

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