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Decatur Chevrolet Dealer Offers Lowest Prices - Generates Record Sales

Superior Chevrolet of Decatur (right) is busy gearing up for their upcoming 4th of July summer sales rush.  It marks the beginning of a season filled with dedicated, long term customers upgrading to the newer model. 

Other customers are parents taking their first year college students to select the car they'll be driving off to their 
'freshman' year of college.

Atlanta Chevrolet Dealership Voted NUMBER ONE in Customer Satisfaction and Pricing

GDO Report

DECATUR - A recent study of Atlanta area car buyers who purchased their vehicles since the beginning of 2011 shows one significant trend.  The data collected overwhelmingly indicates that those who purchased vehicles from Superior Chevrolet of Atlanta actually paid a significant amount less than other car buyers who bought elsewhere. 

Upon a closer look into exactly why the Chevy Dealership was able and willing to offer their customers much lower pricing than their competitors, the answer turned out to be quite simple.

Superior Chevrolet is NOT an Enormous, Monster, Mega Dealer with unimaginable overhead.  The dealership is what many in the automobile industry would describe as a "GoldiLocks" sized dealer or one of optimal size.  They are able to function in virtually every aspect of business that their larger competitors operate in. 

decatur Chevrolet Dealer Voted NUMBER ONE in Customer Satisfaction and Pricing

DECATUR - Superior Chevrolet of Decatur has been voted Best in Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction and Pricing according to the online readers of North Georgia's Gwinnett Daily Online.  

These results come as a surprise as it's traditionally the Monster, Mega dealers of Atlanta that win the top spots as they have more customers.

They seem to indicate that maybe dealers that aren't as gigantic are doing a better and more personable job taking care of their customers,
and can afford to discount a good deal more because they bear much less overhead. 

Whatever the reason for their success, CONGRATULATIONS! to Atlanta's own - Superior Chevrolet!

Superior Chevrolet can be reached at (678) 999-6806 for sales, (678) 298-0768 for service and can be found online at .
In fact, their range of vehicle choices and options is unaffected by their size as they're able to draw from the larger Chevrolets' inventories whenever needed.  Superior simply operates with much less overhead.  With no drawbacks to this huge advantage - they're able to offer their customers much better pricing.

We've also learned in our research that there are generally two distinct types of car buyers.  Those who go straight to the largest car lots they can find, under the assumption that the more cars a dealer has on their lot - the lower the price will be.  This is a false assumption that Superior Chevrolet has clearly put to rest. 

The second type of car buyers is prefer personalized attention and service well after their purchase.  Personalized service is the reason that "GoldiLocks" sized dealerships have such a large and dedicated customer base.  Superior Chevrolet seems to be defining a new type of car dealer in the automobile industry.  One that combines the lowest price possible with excellent extended customer service.  Hopefully, other car dealers are taking notice of this bold and unique innovation - especially in these harsh economic times.  Superior Chevrolet is simply a car dealer who's decided to work much harder and their customers are recognizing the extra effort.

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AmeriCam ATLANTA - For The Most Advanced Vehicle Video Solutions Available Today! (770) 831-6795

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