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Buford Family Charged Over $520 for First Three Months of Comcast Basic Cable Service


Comcast's $520+ for 3 months of basic cable service too steep for Buford family.

GDO Report

BUFORD - A Buford family recently switched to Comcast basic cable service and their service was suspended when they received their first bill which came in at over $520.  They refused to pay that amount, mostly because they couldn't afford it, so their service was suspended. 

The head of household whom we intervied claims that he tried to make a partial payment but Comcast wasn't interested.  The individual who requests that we refer to him as simply "John," claims that the cable company never actually got the family's two connections working properly despite sending installers out on three different occaisions.

We insisted on reviewing John's original Comcast billing statement and everthing he claims appears to be correct.  Their bill indicates that new equipment was sent to their address two different times and they are being billed for three seperate installation attempts.  This seems odd because unsuccessful installation attempts, according to Comcast Customer Service, should not be billed.  Only one successful installation charge should appear on any customer's billing statement no matter how many times installers were dispatched but couldn't complete the installation no matter what the cause.

We asked John to make a call to Comcast Cusotmer Service while we were present so we could witness, first hand, that all the facts in this case were exactly as represented.  There were several extended wait and hold periods and it was very difficult to reach an actual supervisor, but after approximately forty five minutes - a representative who stated that they were a supervisor did speak with our subject.

The half hour long conversation did in fact confirm everything as was represented to us, and Comcast insisted that their bill be paid in full before service was to be restored.  Comcast then acknowledge that some or all of the equipment on-site was still inoperable but the supervisor still demanded payment in full before they would restore cable service.  The supervisor even acknowledged that John would still be unable to enjoy the cable service with his defective Comcast equipment and they offered to dispatch another installer at further expense to their customer.  To Comcast's credit, the supervisor pledged that they would continue to send installers and equipment until everything was working to John's satisfaction, but at his expense.

With that, the conversation was ended and John told us he'd be returning to Satelite television service at the cost of damaged credit.


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