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Gwinnett Water Department is Outrageous!

GDO Staff Report

GWINNETT - Id been experiencing very high water bills for months so I went down to the Gwinnett Water Department to figure out why.

I met with Donna Martin and all she would do is set up a payment plan for me.  She was very clear when she pointed out that I needed to include payment for current water usage with my delinquent payments.

After the meeting I looked at the paperwork they gave me and realized why my bills were so high - they suddenly began charging me for sewer when Im on septic.  I phoned her and pointed out their error.  She would not adjust my balance without launching a full investigation.

"Let me make this easy for you" I said.  "You guys did this exact same thing to me 5 years ago at this address!  Your investigation verified 5 years ago that I was on septic and not sewer and nothing has changed."  Instead of going by those results - she insisted on continuing charging me for sewer while they launched a whole new investigation.  Here we go again!

In addition, before I received another bill - the county turned off my water.  After missing a half day's work and meeting with them - they went back on their word and turned off my water.

Bottom line, I was forced to miss another day's work and pay getting my family to a place that had water while I traveled down to the water department and pay a bill that includes a sewer charge.

These people act like theyre the only game in town.

I had always held our county in much higher regards.  I'm very surprised to know that our county has department heads that treat it's citizens in this manner.

I think Gwinnett can do better than this.

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