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US Fiscal Cliff Dive To Cause Another Great Recession





The United States braces for a year end "Fiscal Cliff Dive" that's predicted to bring us all the closer to socialism, should government leaders fail to reach a comprimise.




GDO Senior Staff Writer
Paul 0. Martin  

ATLANTA - There are just a matter of days left remaining before the nation plunges the "Great Fiscal Cliff Dive", which will result in automatic tax increases and governmental spending cuts that will take effect Jan. 1, 2013 - should our elected officials fail to reach a budgetary comprimize.

Some fear that President Obama would like nothing more than for the country to fall over the cliff.  This may very well be why the leader of the free world refuses to lead on the issue.  President Obama refuses to place a single proposal or counter proposal on the table, although he insists that the GOP do so.  They have, and he continues to reject some terms while demanding others. 

Why is the President OK with the country going over the cliff?  Because it will bring the US that much closer to a socialistic society.  Our huddled masses will be all the more dependent upon government aid for life's necessities.

And his reputation/legacy will be fine because the media will help him place all the blame upon the GOP while the Federal Government assumes unprecedented powers for years to come. 

Some critics compare the entire situation to what's happening in the country of Greece with a side order of Egypt.

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