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Sandy Springs Remodeling Refurbishing Contractors

Sandy Springs Remodeling / Refurbishing Contractors of Atlanta

North Georgia Exteriors of Atlanta Specializes in remodeling homes to give them a fresh, current and unique design.  Even if the home has experienced damage either from weather or defective building materials, we rebuild the home from the substructure to the roof's ridge vent - to ensure an appearance and structure that will be the jewel of your neighborhood for decades to come. 

Call Us Today! at (770) 271-3434, so we can show you our albums of before and after examples of many previous jobs.  We'll even give you their contact information to set up an appointment with customers we've helped in the past.  They'll be more than delighted to have you over and let yo see for yourself.  Our customers are our best sales people.

SANDY SPRINGS - We have been providing professional contracting services listed below for almost thirty years. 

We specialize in remodeling and refurbishing homes both large and small, throughout all of Greater Atlanta.. 

We also specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling and refurbishing..

Our expert crews include craftsmen from diverse trades, including carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers, flooring and HVAC professionals, allowing us to handle any job and create the custom home solution that you are looking for without involving another contractor or sub-contractor. 

Some of our Home Remodeling Services include:

 Windows and Doors

Custom Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Various Siding Solutions Including HardiPlank

Basement Refinishing
 Drop Ceilings
 Fully Enclosed Porches
 Sun Rooms
 Custom Decks
 Many Different Types of Privacy Fences
 Garage Door Installation
 Interior / Exterior Trim

And A Great Deal More!

Basically, we focus on the 8 "R's"





 Residential Reformation




If the services you're seeking for are not listed above - they're usually included within one of the above catagories as a sub-service, at not extra cost. 

It's best to call for details and bring these things up during negotiations.  Also, always make sure all of your desired services and expectations and  included in writing within your final contract so that nothing is left to chance. 

We look forward to your call! At (770) 271-3434

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