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Collision Avoidance System CAS Test Results for 2014

GDO Report

ATLANTA - Accident Avoidance System AAS for consumer and commercial vehicles are systems of cameras or radar sensors that scan ahead for potential of accidents or collision.  Some systems simply warn the driver with an audio or visual warning of some sort.

Other Accident or Collision Avoidance Systems go a great deal further by actually applying the vehicle's brakes and in some cases - actually turn the steering wheel in an effort to steer around the potential point of danger.

The problem with the technology is that it's only available on new cars, trucks and other vehicles.  That is, until now.  AmeriCam Atlanta, an innovative vehicle video company in Greater Atlanta, offers an "Open System Architecture" system that bolt's to the vehicle's chasSis and incorporates all compatible technologies available today - and in the future.

24/7 cameras, AAS / CAS Systems and wearable technologies such as Google Glass and Samsung Smart Watches along with all Bluetooth enabled technologies help make AmeriCam Atlanta the best choice for all non-new vehicles in the market today.

AmeriCam Atlanta can be reached at (770) 831-6795


2014 Accident Avoidance System AAS Test Results from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety IIHS:


Accident Avoidance Systems - AAS /
Collision Avoidance Systems - CAS

AAS/CAS Technology Ratings by IIHS Ratings

Subaru Legacy & Outback   Superior

Mercedes C Class   Superior

Cadilac ATS SRX      Superior

Volvo S60 sC60      Superior

Acura MDX    Advanced

Audi A4 Q5    Advanced

Jeep Grand Cherokee   Advanced

Lexus ES    Advanced

Mazda 6     Advanced

Volvo S60 sC60    Advanced

Infinity JX35 (QX50) -    Basic *

BMW 3Series    Basic *

Toyotoa Prius v    Basic *

 *  Basic Rating = Failed to provide enough braking force to
      make a "Real" difference - Provide alarms
      to warn driver of possible danger but
      apply no physical action such as braking

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