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Speak Out About Martha!.... What are your feelings?

GDO Report

Victim or villian?  Role model or repugnant criminal.  Some say she is due an apology - others say she owes one.

The issue has become too large to turn a blind eye to.  Her company stock tripled while she was "away" and she's having a tremendous impact on daytime and primetime television.

How do you feel?.  How do we feel?  How should we feel?  What's next?

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Email Response:

I firmly believe in capitalization, profitization and even in exploitation when it doesn't come at the expense of our moral fiber and/or wellbeing. 

Stewart's people manipulated our justice system.  They manipulated Wall Street and now they're grandstanding on primetime television.

ALL her corporate profits are signifigantly down, yet her stock value has tripled.  Her moves amount to stock manipulation plain and simple.

It will last one or two quarters and then fizzle out leaving investors large and small holding the bag.   

It's bad for our economy, bad for our youth and also makes Americans look like fools.

I agree!  What's next?

Frank L.


Email Response:

I believe that her prison stay was orchestrated by her "gurus".

They knew exactly what was going to happen to her stock prices so they encouraged (shall we say) her to go ahead to serve the time - no one in their right
mind will volunteer to go to prison if there is the remotest possibility
they might not actually have to serve time.

It is my understanding that while she was incarcerated she graduated from the lowly position of being a millionaire - she is now a billionaire.

Sad isn't it? I might consider serving a little time at a cup cake institution if I knew that I was going to upgrade my income.

I really believe that she knew what the advantages would be for her.

Earline W.


Email Response:

Have you no shame?  Our daughters and their mothers learned from you.  What are you teaching them now.  Have you not yet made enough money?  Are you not yet famous enough?

Please, let my women go!


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