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PROJECT: PageTurner

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PROJECT: PageTurner™ 


Version: U.S. 1.5 - Final

Version: International 1.3

Presented to:

Mark Lazarus

Turner Entertainment Group™

Produced by:

John P. Martin

RealNet Productions™

Production Dates:

January 03, 2001

Initial Publication:
June 24, 2003

January 5, 2007


© 2001-2007 PageTurner™ TableTurner™ & © TimeTurner are the property of © WorldTurner  Enterprises All rights reserved



PROJECT: PageTurner™


Version: U.S. 1.5 - Final



To provide Americans with a medium for which to preserve, memorialize, teach, learn and prosper.   PageTurner provides a better, more robust and versatile alternative to Google, MySpace, YouTube and many other popular companies on today’s Internet. 

Local revenue streams we’ve identified are immediately available and ripe for securing.


To preserve, memorialize and make available all American content.  Always.
To generate positive revenue streams by serving advertisers effectively.
In commercial cases, by charging access to the vast amounts of content assets owned by PageTurner.


Content: – CNN & local news sources will serve as threads in the tapestry that PageTurner™ will ultimately become.

People - All Americans’ biographies - present & past.  Who they were and what they've accomplished - in the past and at present.

Places – U.S. Geography.  Cities, Companies.  Landmarks.  Places.  Geographical landmarks.  Cornerstones.  Origins.  Histories.

Events - All Events.  Past, Present and Future.

Content’s Time Span: All content past and present.

TimeTurner: Transcend through time and space virtually in 3-D.  Turn back the clock up to 150 years and travel down the streets of small American towns or American cities in their various stages of development.  View streets, people in the wears of the day and even enter buildings and pan around. 

Of course, contributors’ photographs will be submitted in black & white.  Perhaps we can find someone who has colorization resources.

Physical Content Management: PageTurner™ editors will manage content and supervise contributors, resolve conflicts and regulate the publishing of fresh, robust, high quality content.

PageTurner™ editors are also responsible for discovering new sources of data content.  Once viable sources are identified, the editor will notify the PageTurner™ manager in their state immediately.  Duplicating each and every success across the nation immediately helps to streamline the PageTurner™ objective. 


© 2001-2007 PageTurner™ TableTurner™ & © TimeTurner are the property of © WorldTurner  Enterprises All rights reserved

From local to U.S. including:

Neighborhoods, areas, cities, counties, regions, states, U.S. regions and U.S.

URL’s will begin with two letter abbreviation of state name.  (ie: Georgia based PageTurner Website Webpage subsets to exhibit http://www.Ga.PageTurner.us/ or http://www.Ga-PageTurner.us/ )


DIRECTOR - John P. Martin, RealNet Solutions™

Mr. Martin possess an extensive background in mathematics, programming, and systems & project administration.  He conceived of and successfully produced many major projects for many of the world's top organizations. Centers for Disease Control, Federal Express, First Data (helping to maintain and manage $2 trillion per year in commerce) and is responsible for the maintenance and Online access to Atlanta Regional Commission's many databases.  These are just some of Mr. Martin's many works over the last 15 years..

Most recently, he conceived, developed and implemented a system that converts each day's content for individual local newspapers - into highly profitable and extremely popular Online Editions.  He currently owns and operates several very profitable companies and is ready to implement PROJECT: PageTurner™ profitably, within a 30 day period.


Director of Legal Affairs: Hon. Charles Robertson, SafeBond Inc.
Director of Technology: Timothy Callanan, formerly of Atlanta Regional Commission
Graphic Design: Mark Sundermeyer, Two Minds of Mark
Editors: Local College Interns & extremely gifted High School Interns
Contributors = Everyone

PAGE FORMAT Current 4-5 Column RealNet format

Navigation      /    Local     /     State     /    National     /    Other Related Assets

Local State
Classifieds (free)
LifeStyles – Photo & Video Uploads
Yellow Pages
Guides & Directories
Other Advertising

Colors & Fonts: User Defined  

Font Sizes: (slidebar)

TimeLine:  (slidebar)



© 2001-2007 PageTurner™ TableTurner™ & © TimeTurner are the property of © WorldTurner  Enterprises All rights reserved




Access: Existing Internet Website technology. 

Web Content Management: RedDot Software, provided by RealNet Solutions.

Supported Formats: All.  Everything from text, audio clips, Flash & Streaming video.

Advertising Format: No banners, No pop-ups, no ads on front pages and only one advertiser and one sponsor per story or content page.

TableTurner™: To set aside a business related element, to be addressed in the future – submit to workflow within company’s Intranet at TableTurner.net

PROJECT MANTRA - *** ********** ******.




(in alphabetical order)

To compete with: 

( The content below will be revealed upon authorized request. )


To Serve:

Business & Commerce – from small to large
Communities – Events, the very young, the very old & the very challenged
Government, Politicians, Political Issues & Public Health Matters
Local Real Estate, Restaurants & Other Commercial Staples of Communities
Online Advertising ($15b to $20b in 2007)
Religious Groups & Other Groups
Schools & Learning Institutions – from pre-schools to colleges and beyond



© 2001-2007 PageTurner™ TableTurner™ & © TimeTurner are the property of © WorldTurner  Enterprises All rights reserved

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<% End If%> BUFORD - PROJECT: PageTurner™ conceived produced and presented by RealNet Productions of Buford Georgia plans to publish its first test page on the Internet Friday, January 12, 2007.

The project has been in production for over five years and is the culmination of the research and development of many of the best minds in the industry.  It is being presented to Turner Broadcasting Group for their review.

Any opinions, comments, suggestions or inquiries are to be sent to opinions@RealNetSolutions.ws or phoned in to (770) 8931-6795.

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