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Online Jewelry Oklahoma

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Online Jewelry Diamonds Rings Gold Necklaces Bracelets Earrings of Oklahoma
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<% End If%> OKLAHOMA- North Georgia's guaranteed lowest price for diamonds and jewelry Online announced
Monday that due to a slower than forecasted Holiday shopping season, the company is lowering
prices even further.   

Company spokesperson  Marla Hudgens elaborated even further: While our company has experienced much
higher sales revenues than anticipated, the market in whole is simply experiencing flat sales.  We're taking
this opportunity to establish a larger and wider customer base than we originally anticipated.  At this point,
we have  nothing to lose and everything to gain - by bringing last minute holiday shoppers unheard of
prices on diamonds and jewelry.

Representatives from the media are invited to contact Ms. Hudgens for further commentary by asking for her
through their main switchboard at (770) 271-3434.

Atlanta Diamonds Direct now guarantees North Georgia's largest inventory and selection of the finest quality
diamonds imaginable at lower than wholesale prices.

Business began to increase so dramatically as the Holiday Season drew closer that  the proprietors of
Atlanta Diamonds Direct made the bold decision to move their entire establishment to facilities more
than twice their original size - in order to better serve their clientele.

The ever popular diamond and jewelry provider has always prided themselves on taking care of each and
every client - one at at time.  Their consultants appreciate the importance of each sale and never ever rush
the customer. 

Each sale is considered an opportunity to teach their customers as much as the customer is willing to learn. 
This is one of the many levels of service that keep their customers coming back for future jewelry purchases
as well as their family members and friends.

Online Jewelry Shoppers Looking for Excellent Customer Service Finally Have a Place to Shop

ATLANTA -  After more than 20 years of business in the Atlanta area, Atlanta Diamonds Direct is finally opening their online store.

Atlanta Diamonds Direct has been known for their outstanding customer service and is proud to offer that same high standard to their online customers. Phone calls are answered by the same experienced sales staff that serves customers in their brick and mortar stores. Diamond sales are handled by GIA certified graduate gemologists.

Phone calls are answered by the same experienced sales staff that serves customers in their brick and mortar stores. Diamond sales are handled by GIA certified graduate gemologists.

Goldsmith's specialty is high-quality diamond jewelry and it shows. They feature beautiful diamond earrings, diamond pendants, diamond heart pendants, and diamond rings at excellent prices. Goldsmith Jewelry's site also offers a wide variety of fine jewelry, including engagement rings, diamond stud earrings, diamond pendants, and gemstone jewelry. They are an authorized retailer of many different well established signature brands of jewelry.

ADD Jewelry is a third generation family business serving the Orlando area. They have multiple gemologists and highly trained jewelers on location. They were recently featured on Channel 2 news as well as many other media sources.


IDEX Online Research: Customer Credit Quality Deteriorates at Sterling Jewelers

It should come as no surprise that the quality of Sterling’s in-house customer credit portfolio has shown some modest deterioration, especially in the past three months. In the face of higher energy prices, mortgage woes, financial market uncertainty, and economic softening, consumers have slowed payments on their jewelry accounts.

Historically, the typical Sterling Jeweler’s credit customer has paid off his or her account in about seven months; in recent months, the account payoff period has risen to nearly eight months.

This news comes on top of weak sales and sharply lower profits for the third quarter ended October 2007 for Signet Group, the parent company of U.S.-based Sterling Jewelers with 1,383 stores. Sterling represents about 72 percent of Signet’s sales through the first nine months of 2007; it represents 98 percent of trading profits, excluding group central costs. The balance of Signet’s revenues and profits come from its 570 stores in the United Kingdom.

In addition, since the end of the quarter, company management disclosed that its U.S. same-store sales were down 7 percent for the first 25 days of November, including Thanksgiving weekend which is the traditional start of the all-important holiday selling season.

Customer Credit Quality Slips

Sterling reported that it is not only taking longer for its credit customers to pay off their accounts – nearly 8 months versus about 7 months in recent quarters – but it has experienced lower approval rates for new credit applicants over the past three months or so.

Despite these weakening trends, the company’s financial ratios associated with its credit business are still broadly in line with historic ranges over the past ten years.

About 51 percent of Sterling’s sales are made on in-house credit, a ratio which is largely unchanged over the past few years. It is down modestly, however, from a decade ago when about 56 percent of the company’s sales were made on in-house credit.

Sterling management emphasized that there has been no change in its lending standards: credit has been neither loosened nor tightened.

Sterling’s bad debt provision is up, but the methodology for calculating this provision is unchanged. However, there are more customer accounts which are 90 days or more past due than in the recent past.

Further, management says it does not use credit to chase sales. In repeated tests over many years, the company’s research has found that different credit programs do not create new sales. Rather, customers transfer their demand between credit offers. In short, Signet Chairman Terry Burman said that customers shop for jewelry, not credit, when they come into a Kay or Jared store.

Sterling is one of the few remaining chain jewelers which utilizes in-house credit. Most of the major chains have outsourced their credit operations. Credit is a capital-intense business, and most chains claim they would rather be in the jewelry business rather than the banking business. There are no signs that Sterling may be considering a change in the management of its credit operations. Further, we believe that management utilizes sophisticated financial evaluation tools to determine if its return on capital is adequate to continue to maintain in-house credit operations.

When credit is out-sourced, the customer typically sees virtually no change. However, for jewelers who use credit as a marketing tool, they have far less control over credit availability for specific customers.

Sales Weaken This Fall; Gross Margin Slips

While Sterling’s same-store sales were up 2.5 percent in the three months ended October 31, they were stronger in August and September than they were in October. Between November 1 and November 25, Sterling’s same-store sales fell by 7 percent. Thus, the four-month sales trend indicates a continual weakening.

Sterling management noted that there has been no material changing in timing of promotions year-to-year which would help explain the weak sales.

In addition, management noted that Sterling’s gross margin continued to decline in the third quarter by a greater amount than the gross margin deterioration which had occurred in the first half of the year. Sales mix and commodity costs were the primary culprits which hurt the company’s gross margin.

Versus Zale: A Song, A Dance, A Dodge, A Disclaimer

During the company’s conference call, one analyst asked a rambling and oblique question about Sterling’s sales trends; Signet Chairman Burman answered the question with an equally rambling song, dance, dodge, and disclaimer.

The essence of the analyst’s question was this: Is Sterling’s sales performance in November [down 7 percent] better than Zale? Our interpretation of Burman’s answer was this: Yes. It would appear that Zale’s sales are down worse than Sterling’s in the November period, according to our interpretation and analysis of Burman’s comments.

Unfortunately, it took several minutes of discourse between the analyst and Sterling management to arrive at this conclusion. The analyst knew he could not ask the question directly, because the answer would have to be something along the lines of “We don’t get a copy of Zale’s daily sales results.” Instead, the analyst asked essentially if Sterling thought it was continuing to maintain its industry-leading position of increasing its market share versus other major chains. (Again, we note, we have boiled down his rambling discourse to a few words.)

Burman came back with caveats and disclaimers, but essentially said that he had isolated every factor that could be affecting Sterling’s sales, and he didn’t see anything that told him Sterling was not continuing to maintain its industry-leading sales position.

Independent research by  IDEX Online, including queries of Zale vendors, seems to indicate that Zale’s sales were very weak in November, and that Burman appears to be correct in his assessment of Sterling’s industry position.

When queried about sales guidance which historical trends might provide – does a soft start always lead to weak holiday sales – Sterling management said that sometimes a soft start is followed by a rally, and sometimes sales never rally. In other words, it is not possible to predict what the American shopper will do in today’s market.

Look for Higher Retail Prices In Second Quarter of 2008

Signet management noted that it plans to raise jewelry prices, beginning in the period following Valentine’s Day 2008. Even basic pieces will be re-priced. Management noted that it has been several years since basic jewelry pieces have increased in price, despite higher commodity costs.

We agree with that assessment: retail jewelry prices in the U.S. market have fallen in nine of the past eleven years, as the graph below illustrates. Simultaneously, jewelers’ gross margins have also fallen. Retail price increases are long overdue in the American market.

Source: BLS 

The key question is this: will Sterling re-price its goods to get back to its traditional gross margin levels? Management dodged this question, but answered instead that it planned to recoup increased commodity costs via higher retail prices.

With pressure from online jewelers’ economic model, it seems to us that it is likely that jewelers must learn how to conduct their business with lower margins and a higher inventory turn. Implemented properly, this strategy will inevitably lead to greater profits.

Online Jewelery Vendor's New..

Online Jewelry Retailer JRDunn.com Takes Advantage of Weak Dollar in Driving Overseas Sales Demand

(Atlanta Diamonds Direct Online Jewelers aims to use its website, IndigoVaule.com, to expand into international markets.)

Online luxury jewelry retailer, Atlanta Diamonds Direct is proud to announce the enhanced ability to display its wide variety of the world's finest jewelry in multiple key international currencies including the British Pound, Canadian Dollar, the Euro and the Japanese Yen.

Paul Martin, is excited about the timing of the rollout. "With the U.S. Dollar trading the way it is on overseas markets we feel the timing couldn't be better." Martin goes on to state, "We realized that doing business in Europe and Asia is not without challenges and some companies don't want to take the risk of processing credit cards, shipping to foreign lands and dealing with the duties and fees that might exist in other countries. We feel the risk will be well worth the reward as it will now be easier than ever for our overseas Clients to use our site. Our technological Team at our headquarters in Lighthouse Point, Florida has streamlined our order processing to make it possible to handle these very complex transactions in a user-friendly way. Our goal is to make our site a comfortable place for our clients."

JRDunn.com is one of the nation's leading on-line fine jewelry retailers and showcases over 50 top designer jewelry brands on its site at AtlantaDiamondsDirect.comInternationally known designers such as Tacori, Mikimoto, Simmons Jewelry Co., Roberto Coin and John Hardy are just a few of the top designers that are featured on the site. Additionally, jrdunn.com offers clients the unique ability to shop top name brand designer engagement rings and purchase competitively priced certified diamonds without the traditional retailer mark-ups. For more information about JRDunn.com, visit the company's website at JRDunn.com.




Atlanta Online Jewelry Vendor Offers Online Education, Free Shipping to Military Personnel Overseas

This Christmas, Online Pearl Jewelry Company www.AtlantaDiamondsDirect.com Offers Wonderful Services to Military Personnel Overseas

Imagine that you are a member of the U. S. Armed Forces, facing the holidays in a war zone…separated from your family by thousands of miles. You want to give your precious someone waiting at home a gift that truly says how much you care.  

We understand why purchasers may be reluctant to buy what they can't seek, but how can you be a savvy consumer from six thousand miles away?

One premium online jeweler is dedicated to helping service men and women solve that problem. Paul, founder and creative director of Atlanta Diamonds Direct, a leading online provider of quality cultured pearl jewelry, makes it a point to help turn her customers--particularly those serving overseas or anyone without ready access to fine jewelry stores--into savvy buyers.

"We understand why purchasers may be reluctant to buy what they can't see," Martin says. "That's especially true when buying pearls, where there isn't an industry standard for grading. Besides, our military personnel have enough on their minds. That's why we're committed to offering both an online education and a terrific guarantee. We want anyone, but especially our service men and women, to know as much about quality pearls as they can."

To accomplish that goal, PremiumPearl.com includes a "pearl guide" page offering customers a comprehensive short course on pearl quality and grading, the different kinds of pearls available, how to choose pearl jewelry, pearl care, and knowledge of pearls. For military personnel, Berry says her company is going one step further for the Christmas. AtlantaDiamondsDirect.com is offering members of the Armed Forces free shipping to APO or PPO addresses as a special thank you for their service.

"Pearls are a wonderful gift," Berry says, noting that most online jewelry shoppers are men, "but unfortunately, some other online sellers over-grade their pearls, a misleading practice that can be confusing." She notes that pearls are judged by five separate criteria: luster, the cleanness of the surface, shape, color, and size. "Buyers need to be sure to check those factors carefully. If a store doesn't give any details on any one of them, they should be suspicious."


She says the Premium Pearl staff is happy to answer questions for its customers, either on the telephone or online. Buyers receive a Certificate of Authenticity assuring them that their pearls are 100% genuine and a no-risk 30-day money back guarantee. Berry says it's especially gratifying to be able to offer such high quality merchandise to men and women who simply can't shop in any other way.

Jewelry sales have enjoyed explosive growth in the last few years, and online sales are growing at an even faster rate and now account for about 6% of all sales. Military personnel who take advantage of the education and guarantee offered by PremiumPearl.com can rest assured that their purchases will be delivered exactly on time for the holidays.

Atlanta Diamonds Direct is the leading San Francisco-based online provider of quality cultured pearl jewelry, offering its customers pearls of extraordinary quality at prices substantially below what most local jewelers ask. It is a member of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) and the Safe Shopping Network. For more information, please visit AtlantaDiamondsDirect.com .

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