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Mall of Georgia Custom Mural Painting

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Mall of Georgia Custom Mural Painting....






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BUFORD - Mall of Georgia Residential or Commercial Custom Mural Painting by Local Artist Mark Sundermeyer.

For more information...

Email: Mark@TwoMindsofMark.com or

Phone: (404) 798-5278


BUFORD - Mark Andrew Sundermeyer was born in Louisville, KY on October 3, 1973. Within three years he was already engaged with art and began a lifelong relationship with this passion. Throughout the years, he graduated from pencil, to pen-and-ink, pastel, acrylic, airbrush, and oil. But one thing remained constant, his imagination.

Not one to be inhibited by one style or theme, Mark embarked on a journey of various styles and themes, some even contradictory to others. Although it has been said that in order to achieve financial success, an artist must remain true to one style, Mark believes he can stray from this theory. The constant that exists in all of Mark’s works is the hidden symbolism. While the techniques may vary, the attitudes differ, or the medium change, collectors of Mark’s works will always recognize the subtle symbolism. This very concept will help attach Mark’s name to all of his works.

Currently Mark is working on a very important piece, perhaps the most important to date. The piece, “Colossus Stirs” is a commentary on the current terrorist threat existing primarily in opposition to American policy. The great military might, although comparatively young, will once again achieve victory. The painting shows the spirits of soldiers throughout military history coming forward amidst a backdrop of the burning Pentagon. The title is an allusion to the 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor, after which Admiral Yamamoto was heard to have said, “ I fear all we have done is awakened a sleeping giant”. Hence “Colossus Stirs”, a powerful and gripping portrayal of America’s readiness to once again leave the borders of our own land, to defend the freedoms of other countries, and inevitably, that of our own.

After graduating from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, Mark worked four years at a small marketing firm as a graphic designer. Feeling the need for a more creative venue, Mark surged forward into the mural world, finding great success in residential murals. But the art bug bit again, and Mark found the need to abandon all current sources of art income in order to pursue his desire to create “true” Mark Sundermeyer creations. He could no longer paint what others wanted; rather, he needed to paint for himself.

And here we are . . . with the kickoff of Mark’s travels through his mind, from one channel to the next, inhibitions aside and imagination soaring. Fantasy art, with a touch of Gothic, Children’s books, Military themes, studies of human anatomy: One thing will always remain the same throughout all of this . . . the symbolism; telling a story, Mark’s story, from one painting to the next.


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