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Buford diamond dealer forced to dump inventory to stay in business

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<% End If%> BUFORD - The owner of a company that was to become a major competitor in Online diamonds and jewelry sales this holiday season is having to liquidate much of their inventory.

The company was not able to open their doors or launch their Website in time for this year’s Holiday buying season, so they now have to liquidate a great deal of excess inventory they had stocked up on.

“We currently have over 400 diamonds in inventory” says Paul Martin, the owner of Atlanta Diamonds Direct, located at the Mall of Georgia.  “We were perfectly positioned to compete ‘head-to-head’ with Blue Nile and all the other diamond retailers when we were suddenly forced to find a new location” he added.

“Most jewelers don’t normally keep much more than 10% of that in stock throughout most of the year” he stated.  “And we’re going to have to move much of this inventory if we’re going to stay afloat.”

Atlanta Diamonds Direct was to open their doors and launch their Website in late October of this year when out of the blue, they were suddenly forced to move their showroom and offices.  This set them behind at least two months, and the move caused many other things they had planned upon to be postponed as well.

Things are expected to be real tight for a while, Mr. Martin states, but if we’re able to liquidate the excess inventory soon, we’ll be able to make it through to Valentine’s Day, when jewelry sales usually spike every year.

Individuals interested in taking advantage of this opportunity and purchase diamonds at below wholesale prices over the next couple of weeks are encouraged to call Atlanta Diamonds Direct at (770) 271-3434, and ask for company owner Paul Martin.

Buford Diamond Dealers



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