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Atlanta Regional Commission News

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ARC Data
Census Data
Geographic Information System (GIS)
Book Store
Other Resources

2004 Population and Housing Report - In depth look at estimated population data for 10 counties. Includes small area data (counties, superdistricts, census tracts and cities).

2030 Forecasts for the Region - Forecast population and employment data for 13 counties. Includes small area forecasts (counties, superdistricts and census tracts)

Regional Snapshots give a quick look at important regional issues, providing clickable access to key resources and information in the region.

Other Resources
Since ARC does not collect or produce the type of demographic data often used in site location studies or real estate market analyses (e.g. income data, home values, zip code level data), we compiled a list of useful Other Resources for you.

ARC collects data on population, employment and housing to use for its regional planning responsibilities. You can find these planning data, along with land use analyses, Census data, forecasts and other resources, in the Regional Data and Bookstore pages or through ARC's Information Center in print/electronic/CD ROM formats at a nominal fee or free. For any data requests, please go to Bookstore or call 404.463.3102

For ARIS CDs and DVDs and all of ARC's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) information please click here. For GIS Training information, click here.

ACTION ARC's bi-monthly publication highlights current activities, planning initiatives and upcoming meetings and events. Sign up here!

Regional Briefings e-mail bulletin designed to keep you updated on these regional issues. Sign up here!

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