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Atlanta Emergency Roof Contractors of North Georgia

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Emergency Roof Repairs Within Hours After Storm - Call Us Immediately...

We Guarantee The Absolute Best
Price and Highest Quality!
(678) 714-2170

How can we charge so much   
less than other companies?    

Two Simple Reasons! 


Online advertising adds only pennies
to the cost of each sale!

Our competitors have to add 
$500 or more to EVERY ORDER
just to cover advertising costs.

We're able to pass those savings 
along to YOU!

We've been NUMBER ONE in
search engines for 5 years!
With higher sales volumes - we can
afford to make less on each sale.
Our lower pricing, in turn, increases our sales volume even more - thus lowerieng our prices even more.

This is how we can charge so much less than our competitors.

(678) 714-2170 

FULL Roof Installation  In One to Two Days -

How can we replace your roof
so quickly?

Actually, when highly trained and experienced roofing professionals work together efficiently as a team, a full roof replacement only takes one day - two at the most.
weather permitting
If a crew takes much longer than that - you've picked the wrong crew!

If the roof is larger  than average - we utilize more professionals.  
  Our company has several highly motivated teams working as much as six days per week all over North Georgia installing and repairing roofs throughout the entire summer season.


(678) 714-2170 

Number One in Atlanta
for Over 30 Years

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<% End If%> ATLANTA - As SpringTime storms make their way through the SouthEast - so do the roofing problems.

The steady dry spell that North Georgian have experienced for the better part of the last dacade - most homeowners have given little to no thought to their home's roofs.

But with the onset of ceiling water stains that soon send homes' occupants scurrying for containers to catch the indoor rainfall, the next question is always the same...

What Now?

Fortunately, the folks at RealNet's "Atlanta Roofing" have developed the absolute perfect solution for your home's roof.

Within a matter of hours, if not only minutes, a Professional Emergency Roofing Crew" from Atlanta Roofing will come to your rescue.  Years of experience in the residential roofing market have made things as simple as possible and will take the necessary steps to prevent future rain water from entering your home and causing further damage.

The price of this emergency procedure ranges from $495 to $995 - and is completely covered by your homeowner's insurance minus any deductible you might have.  There's one drawback accompanied by one bit of good news:

The Potential Drawback:
RealNet's emergency roofing crew must be paid a 50% deposit before they begin work, and require another 50% upon completion of their work.

The Good News:
Once you decide how you would like your roof to be permanently repaired or replaced - if you use RealNet to do the work - your emergency repairs will be credited 100% towards your final bill.  Also, if your insurance company decides that they don't wish to reimburse you for your emergency roof repairs - RealNet will.

RealNet can make this offer because they are typically at the top of the list of recommened roofing, siding and window contractors that most of Atlanta's insurance companies refer homeowners to for repair work.  Plus, emergency home repairs are always covered under homeowner insurance policies anyway.  So the likelihood of being turned down for your claim is zero.

If your home's experienced ANY storm damage, whether it be roofing, siding, trees falling, windows or even air conditioning - RealNet of Atlanta has been North Georgia's NUMBER ONE Favorite contractor for many years.

We thank you for reading this, we hope to hear from you and look forward to helping you to make your home better than ever.


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AmeriCam ATLANTA - For The Most Advanced Vehicle Video Solutions Available Today! (770) 831-6795

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