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Flowery Branch Siding - Siding Contractors

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House under construction featuring HariPlank Cedar Shake on second level.

GDO Report

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<% End If%> FLOWERY BRANCH - Long time local siding contractor Atlanta HardiPlank is anticipating their busiest season yet. 

Many reliable market indicators are telling the folks at Atlanta HardiPlank that they're in for the most business they've seen since they opened their doors.

Those indicators combined with the following information has the company prepping for a very busy season.

The list of reasons includes the following facts...

* Their market share has consistently risen steadily from 10% to 20 percent every year
* Many of their competitors have closed their doors
* They consistently win most of their jobs simply by having the lowest price
* Their list of satisfied customers continues to grow without even one complaint
* Word of mouth continues to grow their customer base exponentially
* The number of homes with defective siding continues to grow exponentially
* Economic conditions over the last 10 years had homeowners postpone replacing defective siding until absolutely necessary and since recent years have been more moist - It's now absolutely necessary!
* Tighter bank restrictions now has banks forcing homeowners to replace defective siding

Please call the folks at Atlanta HardiPlank for more information at (770) 831-6795.

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Atlanta HardiPlank has been highly active in the home improvement market throughout greater Atlanta for many years.  They have thousands of homes who's owners have been very happy with the work they've done.  They currently run a half dozen highly specialized work crews - but have access to about a dozen more manufacturers' trained and certified crews, should the need present itself.

Atlanta HardiPlank is currently running a Spring Special in March of 2010 by offering a 50% discount on replacing defective siding with genuine HardiPlank fiber cement siding product.  This is the fifth year that the company is running this bold and innovative sale.  As a result, many homeowners have become familiar with it and actually look forward to it.  Consequently, many customers sign up for this special deal months in advance - and by the time the first of March comes around - more than 50 of the 100 available discounted projects have been spoken for. 

Atlanta HardiPlank can only afford to book 100 of these highly discounted jobs in the month of March, but will do all they can to accomodate those who learned of the special after all 100 jobs have been sold - or were not available to take advantage of the offer until it's too late.  For homeowners who are interested in the discount but aren't sure whether or not they'll be able to act on it in time, the company urges them to call and get themselves listed on their "Maybe" list so they can be kept in the loop.

Here’s how it works….

1. All customers MUST be ready to replace their home's defective LP or Masonite siding with HardiPlank in March of this year to qualify for the 50% discount program.  If you’re not quite sure, simply let them know when you call and they’ll post you on their "Maybe" list so you're kept abrest of all related developments.

2. Atlanta HardiPlank uses three different highly specialized, manufacturers' trained teams on each home. 
     A. Team #1 removes your home's existing defective siding from the first side of your house and makes repairs to any decayed sub-structure.  Ideally, only one side of your house should be completely exposed to the elements at a time, just in case weather unexpectedly worsens.  Once finished, this team moves along to the next side of your home.

     B. Team #2 immediately begins preparing the sully exposed side of your home by wrapping it with Tyvek house-wrap.  This highly specialized team installs the HardiPlank onto the fully prepared side of your home in full and complete compliance with James Hardie's installation instruction specifications.  Once this side has been completed - only then will they move onto the next side of your home.

     C. While installation team #2 is working on your home’s final side, team #1 will move along to the next project while a third team (Team #3) will begin inspecting, caulking and prepping your home for a professional paint job, while sealing the appropriate seams to prevent moisture damage.     

They’ll also gather and haul off your home's debris along with any other scrap materials lying about.  Please note that a newly sided home MUST be professionally pressure washed before painting with absolutely no exceptions.  Anyone that disagrees with this not only is in violation of James Hardie protocols, but is setting the homeowner up for a defective painting of their newly sided home.

With Atlanta HardiPlank, painting is done by a completely different crew, and is usually performed under a seperate contract.  This is done not only because homes should be professionally painted within certain weather conditions, but also because many homeowners enjoy relationships with other house painters.  In addition, some homeowners enjoy painting their homes themselves.  Atlanta HardiPlank is honored to perform as much or as little of the work on your home as you wish.   

Most HardiPlank contractors charge approximately $400 to $600 per “square” or $4 to $6 per square foot, including just about all elements of the home’s re-siding work.   If a house is 2 stories tall and 60’ wide by 30’ deep, that places the square surface footage at around 3,800 square surface feet or 38 squares, usually costing approximately $12,000 to $23,000 plus “extras.” 

Many homeowners mistakenly multiply a home’s dimensions to calculate interior square floor space instead of surface square feet.  Please call them today to find out how low Atlanta HardiPlank can reduce the price of residing your home during their March Special.

Please remember to mention to their sales engineers any and all future work you may be considering, including soffit, fascia or rain gutterwork, and any and all expansion/basement build-out projects.  They'll be happy to address any and all opportunities we' specialize in. 

Also, Atlanta HardiPlank has one dedicated crew that specializes in interior and exterior painting.  Their pricing is highly competitive and their work is highly professional.  Please consider Atlanta HardiPlank when collecting competitive quotes for all your commercial and residential needs.

Atlanta HardiPlank also offers unbeatable pricing on vinyl replacement windows, roofing and air conditioning repairs as well as the soffit and fascia repair and rain gutters.  Once again, please call for details. 

Please Call Today with All of Your Home Improvement Questions at (770) 831-6795

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AmeriCam ATLANTA - For The Most Advanced Vehicle Video Solutions Available Today! (770) 831-6795

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