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American Appreciation Day Scheduled for November 6th to Tribute and Honor Original American Values

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            Please Visit AmericanAppreciationDay.com for More Info

American Appreciation Day® Needs Your Support   

American Appreciation Day® is a day designed to rally conservative votes while celebrating Traditional American Values.
Our campaign is rapidly gaining traction but needs your support to spread across the nation.
The Romney campaign is running neck and neck with Obama and our initiative is just what is needed to give Conservatives the lead - but we can't do it without YOU
If you can spare just a small contribution - we really need your help.  However, we realize how tight money is today.  Americans have been out of work for years and prices keep going higher.

Here's How YOU Can Help

The founders of American Appreciation Day® own a Gold Refinery in Atlanta.  If those who believe in Traditional American Values simply send us their outdated and broken jewelry, we can restore Traditional American Values to our country.  A receipt for their contribution at it's retail value will be returned to the sender.

With Conservatives back in the White House, American Corporations will return home and American workers will return to work.

Across America, if everyone simply gathers their outdated & broken jewelry to help support our effort - We Will Win!

Please Send Your Outdated & Broken Jewelry to:

Paul O. Martin C/O
RealNet Solutions

2300 Copper Trail Lane
Building 200/Suite 200
Buford, Georgia 30519

Ph. (770) 831-6795


 Our Flag Will Fly, Our Hearts Will Soar and We Will Apologize - NO MORE!

 Please Visit AmericanAppreciationDay.com for More Information.

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<% End If%> ATLANTA - American Appreciation Day® is a day to express our collective appreciation to those who honor Traditional American Values and who inspire them in others. 

On November 6th - we call upon all Americans to cast their votes for the candidates who best exemplify these values.

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