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Duluth Commercial Landscape Design Contractors

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Duluth Commercial Landscape Design Contractors

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<% End If%> DULUTH - According to readers of Gwinnett Daily Online, the "Go To" landscaping contractors for landscape irrigation, drainage, erosion control and grading for both commercial and residential properties is long time local favorites Southern Signature Landscaping.  Having developed for themselves a longstanding reputation for affordability, reliability and outstanding professionalism. 

Much of the positive feedback we received came from property management companies of all sizes throughout the Greater Atlanta area.  Low prices has been the focus of much of the positive feedback which makes sense as much, if not most business is won these days by having the lowest prices and bidding the lowest - especially in the economy we've all struggled through over the last few years.

Despite a tough economy, the hard working professionals of locally owned and operated Southern Signature have managed to keep themselves extremely busy doing what they love most including medium to high end elegant designs, creative plantings, decorative unique stone walls, custom irrigation systems along with all the rest of the full line of full service landscape design and construction services.

Irrigation and Erosion Control System Design, Installation, Maintenance and Repair is just one of the specialized services offered by Southern Signature Landscaping.  Establishing and maintaining the correct water control on any property is vital for many reasons other than aesthetics.  This includes retaining walls, drainage systems and effective selection, installation and maintenance of soil and plants.

Rounding up their full line of landscaping services are lawn mowing, seasonal clean ups, fertilizing, shrub and hedge cutting and trimming, tree, branch and leaf removal, lawn installation and aeration, mulching, weeding and also stump grinding.

Whether they're working on large commercial lots or small residential properties, Southern Signature Landscape Contacting has become Greater Atlanta's favorite low cost, high value landscaping contractors.


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