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ATLANTA - Windows & Siding Questions & Answers highlights from November of 2006...

Is $48,000 the right price for windows and siding for my 3 bedroom ranch?...

Who can I sue about my windows? ...

I've replaced the siding on my house twice in the past 15 years...

And Much More....

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GDO Home Improvement Advice Column
ATLANTA - As the home improvement season rushes in for those hoping to sell and get top dollar for their present homes so they can move into homes that are more compatible with their current needs, many greater Atlanta residents are beginning to do their homework and searching for the "Best Deal."

And just as the experienced craftsmen follow the age old rule of thumb of ... '90% Preparation - 10% Perspiration," so should the homeowners who have been postponing costly repairs until this point in time, follow the same strategy. 

Above image depicting YOUR hard earned money & our enviornment's precious energy generated from the burning of fossil fuels being wasted through poor HVAC efficiency.  
Atlanta Home Improvement & Advice Column by "Builder Ron" is here to help you...
GDO Report - Printed with explicit permission from Carol Werner, Executive Director of EESI (obtained by phone 2/16/06 5:48pm)
ATLANTA - New government restrictions in the air conditioning industry known as "Seer 13*" went into effect on January 1st OF 2006, forcing a dramatic increase in all HVAC equipment and repairs. 

What is SEER 13? How does it apply to the energy efficiency of air conditioners?  We've got all the answers for you here:

For the absolute best way to keep costs down on HVAC repairs while keeping quality & dependability on your repairs high - keep checking with "Builder Ron" on the subject - or simply email him with your own questions: